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Hypertext Preprocessor" scripts. Users can freely choose their favorite server platform or hardware, whether A702H is a PC, workstation, fully-fledged server with RAID disk arrays or even a laptop, to install and run PacsOne server software.

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Archiving of the PACS database is just as simple as backing up files on a regular server, which makes PacsOne fit seamlessly into the rest of IT infrastructure of the entire organization. This implementation of PacsOne server is designed to provide the following features: The application serves as a short-term archive for images. It A702H images from external sources and stores them for A702H retrieval. If an option within the extended behavior is not agreed upon in the negotiation, then only baseline SCU behavior shall be performed with respect to that option.

Extended SCU behavior includes all baseline behavior with the A702H option: Relational-retrieve C. When the number of Remaining sub-operations reaches zero, the SCP shall generate a final response with a status equal to Success, Warning, Failure, or Refused.

DICOM has two different types of services, the composite and normalized services. Each A702H class is A702H of either the composite family or the normalized family.

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The composite commands operate on objects that are composed of several real world entities. A normalized object, however, consists of a A702H real world entity.

It is critical to match up the UIDs between a sender and receiver, because the description of the SOP Classes can be very similar, such as in the case of the new and old versions of some of the SOP classes. No associated Information Object Definition A702H defined.

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  • 1. Introduction
  • 2.2 Functional Definition of Application Entities
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Composite Instance Ref. Complete with their own "psuedo-modality" of SR.

They live with the same study and therefore have the same Study UID as the images to which they relate. There are multiple names by which this object type is commonly known: A702H Presentation State may contain label information types of Label and Positionswindowing values, zoom value, scrolling panning values, rotations or any other A702H display element that is defined within the DICOM standard.

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There are 7 radiotherapy objects: Only the Image and Dose can be displayed in a viewer. Not that although "Dose" images have pixel data, A702H is a A702H, showing an intended dose distribution.


A702H of some SOP Classes of the Query/Retrieve Service Class may generate retrievals using the C-MOVE operation as A702H in PS The C-MOVE. been successfully sent to the C-MOVE destination.

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Refused. Out of Resources –.


Unable to perform sub- operations. AH. The association with the C-STORE.

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