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The increments might be a bit too harsh, at least compared to the other voltages, but on the other hand this may not be the voltage that benefits from extreme fine-tuning. Then we have the Abit AB9 Series 1. The name once again suggests the original voltage, 1.

Abit impresses largely by letting users set their voltages up to 1. Generous nevertheless, as this might come in handy with other cooling than the standard one. Of course the southbridge voltage, the ICH 1.


Probably not values that make nuclear plants go Chernobyl, but up to 1. This paired with the 0. This is fine-tuning at its best, if you feel like the 0. Nothing Abit AB9 Series causes you headache, but still a bit sad, since it would be great to have everything gathered at one place. Bearing all the great voltage settings in mind, we were hoping for some mad options as for the timings, but sadly we were wrong. So, to sum this BIOS up?

Further on, we have great a temperature monitoring page with CPU temperature, system temperature, temperature on all PWM phases as well as average and maximum current in PWM. Also, you can set a shut down temperature for each one Abit AB9 Series these, where of course the whole computer shuts down, preventing damage to your system.

ABIT AB9 Pro - motherboard - ATX - LGA Socket - P Overview - CNET

In other words, we would go as far as gunning this BIOS for the best one there is, with few exceptions. The second one is a bit more serious, especially as there are settings for everything thinkable and unthinkable, with the Abit AB9 Series to monitor the currents in the PWM that stands out the most. With these features in mind, we wonder the following: Serial ATA is the defacto storage standard for years to come, and it's great to see motherboard manufacturers openly embrace it by plunking down forests of SATA jacks. Now whether you're looking for a budget or high end motherboard, chances are good that the Southbridge's Serial ATA ports have been supplemented with third party versions. From the top of the list, gamers will appreciate a full ten USB 2.

ABIT AB9 Pro, LGA775 Socket, Intel Motherboard

Oh, there is one IDE connection for optical drives and the like too. In practice the board is pretty easy to hook up, and where connectors Abit AB9 Series out of place there is actually extra room to accommodate them - the SATA connectors are a good example.

I Idle at 29, and full load 59, thats after 6 hours of orthos stress test. My FSB is set at Stock They are great for faster response, BUT for overclocking lower timings are nice because when you start to overclock you stress Abit AB9 Series ram at higher frequencies. As you raise the front side bus, you not only raise the frequency of the processor, but the ram is raised in sequence with it.

Abit A AB9 Pro (AB9 Pro) Memory Upgrade - MemoryC

Soo, with the timings, Abit AB9 Series higher the frequency the harder the ram is working so it becomes crucial that you "loosen" the timings to reduce heat and increase stability after you reach a certain OC and the ram becomes unstable. I have had no problems what so ever. I did alot of research on our board before I got it, and the main problem people were crying aboutis ram compatibility.

Thus, fixing any issues that people are complaining about. As all ram OC's different, same as the processor.

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It is never a good idea to run two different brands as this will highly limit your OC. The ABIT AB9 motherboard is a Dual Abit AB9 Series ready motherboard offering superior overclocking ability without burning a massive hole in your pocket.

Based on the. The ABIT AB9 Pro motherboard was one of the first boards on the scene based on the Intel P chipset with support for Intel's powerful and energy-efficient.

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