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I also found that higher resolution photos had better physical 3D depth to them. It doesn't recognize H. Tridef's Web site lists and recommends the types of Acer Aspire 5738DG-6165 content that will yield the best results. And it also has strict recommendations for playing back high definition content, which involves, and I quote: DVD playback software is also included in TriDef's utility and suffered the same limitations as other video file formats. If you're set on getting 3D to work with any sort of video, animations tend to produce the best results.

Acer Aspire 5738DG (6165) Review

DirectX 9 capable games can also reap the benefits of 3D, and it's more compelling than photos and videos because the Direct Acer Aspire 5738DG-6165 engine already contains all the necessary information for a high-quality 3D experience. DirectX 10, however, is currently not supported.


Popular titles like Crysis and Call of Duty: World At War are part of an extensive list of games that have been tested to work with TriDef's software. And sure enough, a game like World in Conflict, which wasn't listed, didn't work as well off the bat. There are plenty of other tweaks that can be performed to improve the 3D gaming experience; none of which, though, I had time to try Acer Aspire 5738DG-6165. When the glasses come off and you exit out of TriDef's software, the appearance of the There's no hotkey that turns off the polarization either, but everyday tasks look absolutely fine.

Features Despite a plain outer appearance, the interior is current with today's trends. It also flawlessly played back a 1: Judgment Day p.

Not only were these numbers on a par with the mainstream wireless averages This system Acer Aspire 5738DG-6165 about half an hour longer than the touchscreen Acer PG. In order for users to properly see 3D renderings on screen, they have to wear polarized glasses.


Acer Aspire 5738DG-6165 Acer bundles a pair of 3D glasses with the notebook, as well as a pair of Dwayne Wayne-esque flip-down shades. We found the glasses--which, as cheap 3D glasses go, aren't all that ugly--to be more effective than the flip-down shades at bringing out images.

More importantly, we found them comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. While horizontal viewing angles for the 3D screen are pretty wide--about degrees--vertical viewing angles are fairly narrow; the mere act of Acer Aspire 5738DG-6165 up very straight or slouching throws images out of whack.

Acer Aspire DG All-Purpose Laptop PCWorld

Acer Aspire 5738DG-6165 good deal of applications are compatible with the 3D screen; it's just not easy figuring out which ones they are. There's no shortcut on the DG pointing you to a Acer Aspire 5738DG-6165 of games or titles. While there's nothing in the way of info on Acer's site, a number of games are listed on TriDef's Web site. Finding the list of games was a bit of a pain, but we were pleased to see that there were about titles listed, from casual The Sims 2 to more graphically demanding Far Cry 2. However, as we found out, the graphics card in the DG is better suited for middle-of-the-road games more on that later.

TriDef's 3D Ignition utility will automatically scan the computer for any installed programs that will work with the screen, which you must then launch through Ignition.

When we flew in World of Warcraft, Acer Aspire 5738DG-6165 was neat to see the tail of our Dragonhawk as we flew from place to place, as well as the terrain unfolding beneath us. Zombies coming straight at us in Left 4 Dead were a bit more terrifying.

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Ironically, aiming proved more difficult: Our Uzi seemed to float in front of us in space, and we had a harder time judging how much to move the reticle, especially for targets farther away. In Google Earth, it was neat to see the 3D buildings in actual 3D: However, the icons for Places and businesses seemed to float freely, and Acer Aspire 5738DG-6165 distracting; best to turn them off. So here's a request for the developers: Hulu has desktop software and Netflix is now integrated into Media Center.

Make it happen. On the DG, the next icon on the software's menu launches a 3D photo viewer. The sample images are no doubt tweaked to pop off the screen, but the feature worked equally well with images I took on a Acer Aspire 5738DG-6165 to New Zealand--trees grew out of the panel in nature shots, and geysers erupted.

Acer Aspire 5738DG Series

And then there's the reason everyone else will use the 3D: I fired up the zombietastic Left Acer Aspire 5738DG-6165 Dead, and shambling ghouls jumped out of the screen. I should say, though, that trying to read text in this setup can be a little disorienting at times. You can find drivers out there that promise to breathe a little more 3D life into some games, but the results are largely hit-and-miss. Acer Aspire Acer Aspire 5738DG-6165 iU.

ATI Mobility Radeon HD Lower middle-class GPU that features a low shader count and a 64 Bit memory bus but a high clock speed. T Entry level Core 2 Duo dual core processor with a small 2MB level 2 cache and without virtualization functions.». Acer Aspire DG Series. Acer Aspire DG Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo P, Intel Acer Aspire 5738DG-6165 2 Duo T Graphics Adapter: ATI Mobility Radeon HD.

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