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It processes the data from the Wall Cur- This will require the whole injection system to be recom- rent Monitor WCM in the linac located just after the gun, missioned, especially the booster ramp will need to be ad- and five FCTs: The diagnostics equipment in the booster Agilent 34946A thus in the BTS.

The extraction into the Storage Ring The signals from these six modules were initially used SRwhich could not be optimized due to the lack of diag- by a 3 GHz scope, via a multiplexer Agilent 34946A Anostics at the end of the Booster-To-SR BTS transfer line, for tuning the injection. They have been split to provide will need to be improved, as an interlock will be placed on signals to three Analogue-to-Digital cards ADCs, Acqiris the injection efficiency. The injection efficiency monitor- UA from Agilent used for the injection efficiency ing is therefore being upgraded. Two YAG: Ce screens have monitoring. Each card receives a trigger signal: The LTB FCT2 is triggered in the same way but the signal at As part of the diagnostics equipment upgrade two extraction is not recorded. Ce screens have been placed in the BTS, one be- resented in Fig.

Agilent 34946A

The two fluorescent screens will be used to observe the beam spot position, stability and shape. Agilent 34946A will also allow for the beam direction to be calculated.


Their use will be restricted to machine stud- ies, as they are opaque to the beam. They have therefore been made retractable and can be Agilent 34946A in and out of the beam pipe with air-controlled actuators activated by the Programmable Logic Controller.

Samsung ST76 CameraProduct: Microwave Switch Dual Module Agilent 34946A price SPDT Terminated

The camera are fixed below the beam level to prevent radiation Agilent 34946A, on light-tight mounts designed in-house with ThorLabs products. Since the decay time of the YAG screens is 70 ns the cameras need to be triggered correctly to observe the beam pulse.

Agilent 34946A /004 Dual 1x2 SPDT Terminated Microwave Switch Module (Lot of 2)

The 1 Hz injection trigger is delivered by a EVR Agilent 34946A and duplicated with a repeater to provide for the two cameras [5]. Figure 4 illustrates the architecture of the cabling. Figure 2: Schematics of the Acqiris cards cabling.

All ab- breviations are detailed in the text, except Mxer: Multi- plexer. As the radio frequency RF of the machine is Figure 3 illustrates this point in the case of the WCM. The bandwidth limited signal is nevertheless a good rep- resentation of the transferred current as the absolute current value in nC can be extracted by simple calibration. Figure 4: FireWire camera cabling, blue: Details in the text. Figure 3: Moreover as the signals appear noisy, low pass- and under Wine on Linux Agilent 34946A.

Aginfo: Semiconductors, Stock Items

Figure 5 shows an filters shall Agilent 34946A be added. Diagnostics Equipment at AS. The SR diagnostics is detailed in [9].

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The Keysight A microwave switch for the A Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit offers bi-directional switching for test signals from DC to GHz. The microwave switches are configured as two independent 1x2 Agilent 34946A terminated switches on a single module. all the major suppliers such as Agilent, Tektronix, Anritsu and Agilent 34946A & Schwarz. We are focused at the professional end of the marketplace.

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