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No problem, two more out of the charged and ready 8 pack and Aiptek VS-DV show time for the camera again. Store bought regular batteries won't even give you half the time these Nimhs do.


By the way, this is the second successful trip out with the Stryker Aiptek VS-DV I solved the COG and control horn adjustments. It was PURE fun. Makes the Challenger feel like riding a bus. The three guys I was with all kept saying the Stryker was junk and I was reading company propoganda on these web pages one guy bought one before me and never got it to fly. So, it Aiptek VS-DV gloat'n time. I bring it in for a perfect landing and the one guy who has been particularly hard on me about this plane says "That thing is wicked", or words to that effect.

Aiptek VS-DV - camcorder - storage: flash card Specs

I turned and said "Oh, it was only flying on company propaganda Of course, when it was getting real dark out I brought it in for one last low level loop Aiptek VS-DV lost perspective. Nose first smack into the ground and now she's back to the Aiptek VS-DV factory garage, but I'm amazed at how well these things glue back together. I love this plane!

Might even try strapping my old wireless cam onto it the one that wouldn't work with Aiptek VS-DV Challenger last year due to interference issues. Perhaps the internals on the Stryker will be more compatible. Vs Mustek Wow, here's an old thread But figured I'd revive it with some weights for you guys on the Aiptek M digital pocket camcorder. All these weights are with a MB compact flash card installed Camera with 2 AA batteries: I found this One dollar. Even just a mini USB plug would have been fine, since I'm going to solder it up to the regulator.

On a whim I hit Dollar Tree and there they were. Neat little device.

Aiptek VS-DV Camcorder for sale online eBay

It has a retracting thin cord and is very small. Not that it matters since I only needed the mini plug. Figured it would be less weight and hassle than the dummy dowl rod Aiptek VS-DV rig I have hitched to the regulator right now. Just have to clear up a few things. Not sure if my camera's stock cable has a voltage regulator to step it down to 3V or if the camera will power up on 3V via that port.

Going to use a voltmeter on the stock cable to check. Also, Aiptek VS-DV sure if the camera will go into some kind of PC mode when power is supplied via the USB port and not give me any control via it's buttons. Aiptek VS-DV to check that as well.

Linux/aiptek.c at master · torvalds/linux · GitHub

Either way, if you are looking for a Aiptek VS-DV USB cable or just need the plug off one for some Aiptek VS-DV purpose that's where you'll find a good price on it. Vs Mustek Well, did some more playing with the M. First hitched the stock USB cable up to a computer to check the voltage output and it was the standard USB 5 volts to feed the camera. While the regulator works fine to power the camera via it's two AA battery comparment leads, it appears 3V isn't enough to fire the camera up via it's USB port.


Guess it wants the standard 5V input. So, question Also wonder if the 5V supply from the BEC might get too noisy for the camera? Starting to think I'd be better off just wiring up a mini DC jack to the camera and feeding it 3V near the battery Aiptek VS-DV but hate to take the thing apart. Another option would be to pick up a 5V regulator. Anybody have a source?

If you overload Aiptek VS-DV, you will loose RC control over the plane. Here's a nice small switching regulator Vs Mustek I took an easy a dirty shortcut to power the camera.

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Didn't want to take it apart, so I just soldered a servo plug's wires Aiptek VS-DV the negative and positive battery terminals left side are the inputs to the cam I can still insert two AAs and power the camera for other uses. Now I just plug the camera's servo plug into another servo plug that's on the 3V regulator, and then the 3V regulator plugs into another servo plug wired directly to the plane battery power not through the BEC or anything. This complete setup, including a large heat sink on the regulator to keep it cool and noise isolation components, only weighs. That compares to 2.

Both are 12V. Aiptek VS-DV - camcorder - storage: flash card overview and full product specs on CNET.


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