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The second problem is that the TIAB standard for intermodulation interference is measured with interfering signals in the range of to dBm, AirLink iDEN cellular interference on the street is often measured above dBm.

Two radios with identical TIAB intermodulation rejection of 70 dB may show dramatically different intermodulation rejection above dBm. This strong signal intermodulation rejection never appears on manufacturer data sheets and AirLink iDEN, if ever, appears in requests for proposal RFP for new radio systems.


To better understand the design challenges of the manufacturer when faced with strong signal intermodulation, consider the typical digital receiver shown below: Unfortunately, amplifiers with a high IIP3 draw more current and are AirLink iDEN not practical in battery-operated AirLink iDEN devices. Automatic gain control AGC is another technique to combat strong interferers, but AGC power detectors are usually broadband RF diodes that cannot distinguish between desired and undesired signals.

Putting an AGC attenuator in front of the LNA will increase the noise figure of the receiver and thereby desensitize it. A more sophisticated AirLink iDEN of AGC might use a second detector at the second IF to AirLink iDEN the amplitude of the desired signal and then apply the right amount of attenuation in front of the LNA to optimize sensitivity of the receiver. This is possible in the case of intermodulation interference because 1 dB of attenuation in front of the LNA attenuates the desired signal by 1 dB, but results in a 3 dB reduction in the 3rd order IM product.

Circuit-Switched Configuration for the AirLink Raven Pages 1 - 15 - Text Version FlipHTML5

Also, because most receivers can tolerate higher levels from blocking than from IM typically 95 dB versus 75 dBa receiver that can distinguish between the two types of interference can adapt the AGC accordingly. The test setup to measure strong signal IM is shown below. Low phase noise is very important for this type of measurement as the interfering signals are very strong to dBm AirLink iDEN phase noise from the signal generator can be misinterpreted as strong signal IM created inside the subscriber radio receiver.

In the figure below we have plotted the strong signal IM rejection of four radio models from two different manufacturers. Combining the rich, location-based intelligence with an embedded, high precision GPS receiver, the PinPoint provides a cost-effective and robust AirLink iDEN for countless mobile workforce and asset tracking applications.

Tightly integrated with the AirLink Tracking System and other third-party tracking applications, the AirLink iDEN is a flexible and scalable communications platform for many location-based and AirLink iDEN data solutions. T TSX: The company's strategic intent is to unleash the power of the Internet to deliver the best solutions to Canadians at home, in the workplace and on the move.

Circuit-Switched Configuration for the AirLink Raven

Voice plan speeds are generally lower than those of a data plan. Since the Auto-INIT takes the shape of traditional INIT strings, those AirLink iDEN experience setting up conventional land-line modems should find this fairly easy to configure. The Auto-INIT command string is comprised of up to 40 characters, the AirLink iDEN defining the sequence of the initialization. The command sets the modem for the desired 'ready' configuration each time it powers on. To configure the Raven to work in PassThru mode and for circuit-switched communications, you can use Wireless Ace preferred or direct serial communication. Different models of the Raven in PassThru mode respond to some of the AT commands in differ- ent ways, a command which is used with one model may not be applicable to another.

- FME Male to SMA Male Adapter - Airlink Raven Ethernet (Raven-E) CDMA EVDO Modem

AT Commands and command string Each modem requires a command string that is a combination of AT commands limited to a maximum of 40 characters. The command AirLink iDEN will vary depending on the needs of the connected device for example, some devices need DTR to be high while others need DTR to be ignored.


For a full listing as well as parameters and defaults, AirLink iDEN to your Raven User Guide. If there are replacement values, it will perform the appropriate replacement before executing the AT command.

Entry Example: The AT command executed would be: Example of executed command: Examples below. AT commands can be concatenated to create a string.

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ABIT NF8NF8-V (NF3 Series)Additional AirLink Raven Serial EDGE iDEN Cellular Routers Product Information

Raven C Components:Sierra Wireless is announcing the end-of-life of the following modems, AirLink Raven iDEN, model AirLink iDEN, and AirLink™ PinPoint iDEN, model N, for Sprint. wireless devices such as the Sierra Wireless AirLink Raven-E are used in a Information. For support assistance for SouthernLINC and Private iDEN Sierra.

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