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Before you starting hardware connection, you are advised to find an appropriate location to place the Access Point.

Usually, the best place for the Access Point is at the center of your wireless network, with line of straight to all your wireless stations. Also, remember to adjust the antenna; usually the higher the antenna is placed, the better will be the performance.


This device is shipped with configuration that is functional right out of the box. If you want to change the settings in order to perform more advanced configuration or even change the mode of operation, you can use the web-based utility provided AirLive WL-5450AP Access Point the manufacturer as described in the following sections.

SG :: Airlive / Ovislink WLAP Wireless Access Point

Refer to the illustration below. Client Mode ad-hoc Client Mode Ad-hoc If set to the Client Ad-hoc mode, this device can work like a wireless station when it is connected to a computer so that the computer can AirLive WL-5450AP Access Point packets from wired end to wireless interface. You can share files and printers between wireless stations PC and laptop with wireless network adapter installed. Users can use this feature to build up a large wireless network in a large space like airports, hotels and schools …etc.

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Connect an Ethernet cable between your computer and the Wireless Access Point. Make sure your wired station is set to the same subnet as the Wireless Access Point, i.

Air Live WL-5450AP User Manual

In the Address box, enter the following: Status Status In this screen, you can see the current settings and status AirLive WL-5450AP Access Point this Access Point. You can change settings by selecting specific tab described in below. System System Uptime The time period since the device was up. Firmware Version The current version of the firmware installed in this device.

Page 17 unique SSID. An SSID is also referred to as a network name because essentially it is a name that identifies a wireless network.

Download AirLive WLAP Access Point Firmware eu for OS Independent

Channel Number The AirLive WL-5450AP Access Point of channels supported depends on the region of this Access Point. All stations communicating with the Access Point must use the same channel. System manager can use the system log to trace when problems occur. Wireless Wireless Basic Settings This page includes all primary and major parameters. AirLive WL-5450AP Access Point parameter change will cause the device to reboot for the new settings to take effect. It is case-sensitive and must not exceed 32 characters.

Advanced Settings Advanced Settings It is not recommended that settings in this page to be changed unless advanced users want to change to meet their wireless environment for optimal performance Authentication Type To provide a certain level of security, the IEEE Fragment Threshold Fragmentation mechanism is used for improving the efficiency when high traffic flows along in the wireless network. Page 23 Before a station enters power save mode, the station needs the beacon interval to know when to wake up to receive the beacon and learn whether there are buffered frames at the access point. Data Rate By default, the unit adaptively selects the highest possible rate for transmission.

Security AirLive WL-5450AP Access Point Here you can configure the security of your wireless network. Selecting different method will enable you to have different level of security.

Please note that by using any encryption, by which data packet is encrypted before transmission AirLive WL-5450AP Access Point prevent data packets from being eavesdropped by unrelated people, there may be a significant degradation of the data throughput on the wireless link. Page 26 change automatically. The default is seconds.


Preauthentication provides a way to establish a PMK security association before a client associates. If the list contains no entries with this function being enabled, then no clients will AirLive WL-5450AP Access Point able to access this Access Point. When you are in the client mode, you can select one AP to associate. Press AirLive WL-5450AP Access Point to get the latest information. Two APs in bridge modes can communicate with each other through wireless interface.

You may enter up to 20 characters as a remark to the previous MAC Address. Apply Changes Press to save the new settings on the screen. Reset Press to discard the data you have entered since last time you press Apply Change. If your system manager assigned you static IP settings, then you will have AirLive WL-5450AP Access Point enter the information provided. Infinite loop will happen in the network when WDS is enabled and there are multiple active paths between stations.

Other Other Upgrade Firmware 1. AirLive WLAP User's Manual. 1.

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WLAP. Wireless Access Point AirLive WLAP / WLAP CE Declaration Statement. Country. Declaration. The WLAP and WLAP uses different firmwares. Please do not use the wrong firmware (i.e. do not use WLAP firmware on.

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