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On the other hand, the LG V30 takes a horribly smudgy, barely usable photo.

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It happens every now and then and is a nice showcase for Huawei's AI tech, but it's AITech ProColor something that will make a big difference in the way you use the smartphone. Every camera would struggle with this low-light scene.

Rejoice, it comes with Android 8. I applaud the former and don't mind the latter — though it takes some getting used to for first-timers, Huawei's software AITech ProColor been refined over the years and is generally just as good, or better, than the skins you'll find on other Android phones.

Huawei's knuckle gestures feel as an afterthought at this point — I'd accidentally launch one sometimes and only then would I remember that they exist. But there's an awesome one I consistently use: The double-knuckle-tap to get a screenshot. And yes, it "only" has a 2, x AITech ProColor, pixel resolution, but I assure AITech ProColor you won't notice a difference between that and a higher-res OLED screen. I only have patience to do that once on a phone — sorry, Huawei — and I choose Google. Screen, design, and headphone jack blues Now we arrive at the confusing part.

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When it comes to internals, the Mate 10 Pro is pretty much the same as the regular Mate But on the outside, they're very different. The Mate 10 is a wider, bigger phone. It has a 2, x 1, pixel LCD screen. The Mate 10 Pro's screen has a smaller resolution 2, x and a different aspect ratio For me, the Mate 10 Pro wins AITech ProColor one, but AITech ProColor will prefer the Mate 10's wider format and bigger screen estate.

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Design-wise, the Mate 10 Pro is far more elegant thanks to smaller bezels and a slimmer frame. The Mate 10 looks is more phablet-like and AITech ProColor more screen real estate, both in terms of resolution and surface size.


On the back, a stripe that's slightly darker than the rest of the phone extends from side to side and over the vertically positioned cameras. It's a nice touch that gives the phone a dash of originality. As AITech ProColor typical of Huawei's high-end phones, both are incredibly well made and feel solid in the hand. The Mate AITech ProColor doesn't look very different than the Mate 10 Pro but it feels much bigger in the hand. The Mate 10 has it, the Mate 10 Pro doesn't.

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It's a big deal for AITech ProColor users, me included, since phones without a headphone jack offer no clear benefits at this point. But then again, the Mate 10 Pro is actually water resistant, while the Mate 10 can only withstand a splash.


AITech ProColor prefer the Mate 10 Pro's screen, look, format and fingerprint sensor placement, AITech ProColor the Mate 10 wins in other areas. The fingerprint sensor which is blazing fast, by the wayis located on the back of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, but it sits on the front of Mate 10, below the screen.

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I like the sensor on the back, but AITech ProColor may prefer it the other way around. The lack of memory card support on the Mate 10 Pro is especially troubling. I keep all my music on an SD card which I ferry from phone to phone as I change them which, admittedly, AITech ProColor do far more often than a typical user.

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I cannot do that with the Mate 10 Pro. Its GB of included storage there's also a special variant with GB of storage is generous enough, but this is still an issue. All these differences make AITech ProColor choice between these phones quite tough.


The AITech ProColor difference, which AITech ProColor talk about in a second, is important, but it's not just that. For me, neither phone gives me everything I want — I prefer the Mate 10 Pro's screen, look, format and fingerprint sensor placement, but the Mate 10 wins in other areas. Worse, there are phones out there that offer everything in one package: Price and availability Huawei prices its flagship phones comparable or just a little bit cheaper to Samsung and Apple's flagships, and it's usually hard to justify that price. This applies to the Mate 10 Pro and the Mate 10 as well.

The phone isn't available in the U. AITech ProColor, I can easily recommend any of these two on two features alone: Pieter Hartsook, publisher of the Hartsook Letter in Alameda, California, told the wire service, "From a platform perspective it looks very positive.

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