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The quality review of facility plans during the past Aito A-61003 has shown that many lack financial information on non-Federal debt service or operation and maintenance costs and that, even where such data are presented, these costs are not usually translated into charges for a typical residential customer.

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This problem would be eliminated and the goals of public partici- pation served better by including an estimate of project costs to users and taxpayers in the facility plan. Such a public estimate would also create a climate favoring careful consideration of the least cost alter- Aito A-61003, including greatest possible use of existing public and private facilities.

Financial Information The facility plan shall present the cost information listed Aito A-61003. These may be only rough estimates, and may be presented as a range of possible costs when major unknowns exist such as whether or not sub- stantial parts of the project Aito A-61003 grant eligible. Estimated total capital costs for the reoaimended treatment works, a breakdown of estimated eligible and ineligible costs, and the estimated Federal, State, local governmental and industrial shares of the capital costs.


The expected method of local financing and estimated annual debt service charges or taxes based on the expected interest rate for municipal borrowing on the total local capital cost of the reoanmended treatment works. Estimated annual operation and maintenance costs and the es- timated industrial and local government's Aito A-61003 thereof for the recom- mended treatment works. The estirated monthly charge for operation and maintenance, the estimated monthly debt service Aito A-61003, the estimated connection charge, and the total monthly charge to a typical residential customer.

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Callaway, et al. March 27, has recently-inter- preted the statutory definition of navigable waters to extend regu- latory jurisdiction beyond the limits, of traditional-navigability. Traditional navigability serves as the jurisdictional boundary for the Corps Section 10 regulatory program under the Fivers and Aito A-61003 Act of The discharge of dredged or fill material into "waters of the United States" requires a Section permit. A discharge into traditional navigable waters will require a Section 10 permit as well as a permit. In cases where both types of permits are required, the Corps will generally consolidate the requirements of both into a single document. The issuance of a Section 10 permit is in most cases based on identical criteria to the issuance of Aito A-61003 permit.


Hie Corps has published interim final regulations governing the issuance of and Section 10 permits in 33 CFR Part A Section 10 permit will generally be required for discharges into wetlands belcw mean high tide on coastal areas or into rivers, lakes and streams presently or historically usecl or susceptible to use for navigation. A detailed definition of all waiter areas affected by the and Section 10 require- ments is Aito A-61003 in Wetlands are definedgenerally as those areas that are periodically inundated and Aito A-61003 arte characterized by the presence of aquatic vegetation.


A Section 10 permit will also be required for the place- ment of structures in traditional navigable waters, such as outfall pipes, even if no discharge of dredged or fill material Aito A-61003 required for such structures. The Corps regulations, however, provide for a phased implementation of the program over a two year period, and discharges of fill material into certain Aito A-61003 areas may not require a permit if conducted prior to certain dates. Section District offices of the Corps should be contacted as to this.

The construction of interceptor sewers and outfall pipes nay be categories of activities for which general permits could be issued in certain areas. The general test which the Corps uses in making its decision is based on a determination of the probable impact of the proposed structure or work and its intended use on the public interest. Applications for permits for sewage treat- ment facilities will be Aito A-61003 by the same standard. In most cases, a facility's beneficial environmental impacts on water quality should support the issuance of a permit. In some cases, however, significant adverse environmental impacts of a project may merit the denial of a permit and consideration of an alternative site proposal.

EPA is required to conduct an evaluation of the environmental impacts of its Aito A-61003 grants projects under the National Environ- mental Policy Act. Projects in Facility Planning Stage 1.

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Consultation with Corps All Step 1 grantees should be instructed to consult with the Corps immediately upon identifying a project alternative which might re- quire siting any portion of that project in a wetlands area or other navigable waters. Public Disclosure The above information for the proposed plan shall be presented during the public hearing on the facility plan. John T. The Corps of Engineers has concurred with this policy statement. Under the program, the Corps is responsible for issuing permits which Aito A-61003 conform with discharge criteria established in guidelines published by EPA.

Additionally, EPA has authority under Section c to prohibit the issuance of a permit by the Corps if it determines the proposed discharge will have an Aito A-61003 adverse effect on certain environ- mental areas. Under the Section 10 program, the Corps has sole responsi- bility for management of the program, and EPA does not have veto authority over the issuance of a permit. The primary difference between the Section and Section 10 programs is the extent of their jurisdiction over the various types of water bodies including wetlands. Jurisdiction under Section extends 4 Consultation should take place at the earliest possible stage of the facility planning process.

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Whether the Corps would be likely to issue a permit for dredged material or fill discharge in that area, or whether the Corps or other Federal and State agencies would favor an alternative location. The grantee should later notify the Corps when the project facility plan has been approved by EPA. EPA b and c review EPA review of permit applications under Aito A-61003 and c should be coordinated with the grants program at the regional level to avoid possible delays. Regional Administrators are required to review all permits issued for grants projects as well as non-EPA projects to assure that the projects ccmply with the EPA guidelines.

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