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Please enter a valid ZIP Code. Item location: Hollister, California, United States Shipping to: United States Excludes: The mine is detonated as soon as the target-ship or target-submarine comes within a range when the intensity of the AMD Torpdeo fields produced by it is sufficient to activate the mine's influence exploder. AMD Torpdeo


The SMDM self-propelled mine developed from its predecessor, the MDS-1, is a combination of the mine module AMD Torpdeo a propulsion plant taken from the KE long-range oxygen torpedo the torpedo and mine are exported. The mine module accommodates either a three-channel acoustic-induction-hydrodynamic or two-channel combined influence exploder.

The mine can develop a speed of up to 42 knots and travel a distance of up to 17, m. The SMDM mine assumes the function of a standard bottom mine after it has been fired from a submarine's torpedo tube, run the prescribed distance, and landed on the seabed at the required depth. According to experts, the major advantage of the MDS — SMDM family of mines is that after being laid on the seabed, they are difficult to detect by mine-hunting sonars of submarines and surface ships, as well as by underwater mine-hunting vehicles. The mine employment method makes it possible to achieve surprise, depriving the enemy of the possibility of AMD Torpdeo mine countermeasures or performing evasive maneuvers. The SMDM system's mine module, driven by the propulsion plant of a mm caliber super-heavy torpedo model 2 SMDM minecan be transported over a distance of up to 50 km. Moored mines, which were carried mainly by surface ships, are designed to destroy surface ships.

It could even be emplaced through ice. The Mirab and KB Krab mines were equipped with some elements of influence equipment. On the basis of the engineering and design solutions incorporated in these mines, more advanced types influence mines above allserving different purposes, were developed in the the first 15 years after World War II. Those mines were: After WWII, main efforts were concentrated on the development of new moored mines AMD Torpdeo with influence exploders of different types, including the antenna type.


The first influence exploders of moored mines were electroacoustic directed-action type Krabcausing the mine to detonate under or near the target-ship's submarine's hull. This exploder was later developed into a hydroacoustic exploder fitted on the KAM and Lira mines. The operating principle of the antenna-type exploder was based on the application of the electric field produced by the target-ship. Creation of antisubmarine and multipurpose submarine-laid mines was another direction in the development of moored mines in Russia. These mines were represented by the PM-1 acoustic and PM-2 under ice antenna-type influence mines. They entered service with the Navy in andrespectively. The PM-2 mine was specifically designed to counter submarines under ice cover. The mine's antenna system consisted of three antennas: Activation of the influence exploder took place upon the target submarine entering the danger zone.

AMD Torpdeo this system, sea water was used as an electrolyte and the mine's antenna system electrodes functioned as transducers.

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These mines were filled with a more powerful explosive charge "sea mixture" than TNT. Unique devices were developed to enhance the safety of these mines and broaden their planting depth range. Moreover, it was necessary to develop long corrosion-resistant high-strength mine mooring cables. A theory of the mine body strength and buoyancy developed at that time allowed AMD Torpdeo designers to reduce AMD Torpdeo weight of the moored submarine-laid mines and increase impact resistance of air-dropped mines. Used Pull!


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Unpaid auction wins will be forfeited after seven 7 days and a Non-Payer report will be filed with eBay to recover the closing fees of the auction. If you wish to combine multiple auctions for shipping, please make sure the closing AMD Torpdeo from the first auction to the last auction are within seven days. Shipping costs will be paid by the buyer, and will be added to the invoice during checkout. It focuses on the Eastern Front rather than the Western Front covered by the first title. Not a bad start for our Radeon cards; the R9 matches the R9 despite its smaller memory bus and 2GB frame buffer.

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While not built on the most advanced engine around, the characters and visual spectacle of Columbia are well worth a visit. BioShock Infinite contains a simple, easy to use benchmark routine that takes the player on a AMD Torpdeo through the floating city. Crucial Memory and SSD upgrades - % Compatibility Guaranteed for Crucial Scanner Results AMD Torpedo Motherboard - FREE US Delivery. AMD Torpedo: dummy img.

Submissions. A Chipset, view other A55 motherboards.

FS1: Socket, view other FS1 Torpedo used in other benchmarks.

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