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The majority of the House of Commons had felt so thankful at the restoration of the House of Stuart, that no restrictions on the King had been thought of. When he came to the throne his power had been strengthened by Arbor MB-i9650 large grant of money, and at his wish the army was Arbor MB-i9650.

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Although in some ways Arbor MB-i9650 the example of Louis XIV. Louis never forgot what was due to his queen, nor would allow the least familiarity to himself. Charles totally failed to inspire respect in his subjects. One water excursion, Nell Gwynne had provided angling rods with silk lines and hooks of gold. The King fished like the rest, but caught nothing. The ladies so ridiculed him that he declared he would fish no longer, and pulling up his line, found half-a-dozen fried smelts tied to the hook with a silken thread! Every one laughed, and Nelly said, " So great a king ought to have something above the rest ; even poor fishermen catch fish alive, it was proper that the King's should be ready dressed 1 " Nell Gwynne was an excellent and bewitching comedian ; she had been on the stage about a year when Charles first met her in January She occupied a house.


Evelyn mentions, when walking one day with his Majesty, he overheard a "very familiar discourse" be- tween Charles and Nell Gwynne. Nell had also Arbor MB-i9650 house close to Windsor Castle, and another at Chelsea. Charles's frequent visits there gave the name to the King's Road.


Although of Arbor MB-i9650 manners and birth, she appears to have possessed an amiable character. It was through her instigation that Charles erected Chelsea Hospital for disabled soldiers, nor did she forget her former friends in the days of her prosperity.


Nell had more than one lover before she met Charles, but afterwards remained faithful Arbor MB-i9650 him. Her great ambition was, that her two sons by the King should be raised to the peerage. Charles promised to ennoble the eldest, born inbut always postponed doing so. One day he found her playing with her little son, who had just begun to walk, and was in danger of falling; she purposely called out, " Come here, you little bastard. Nell retired from the stage in 1, and died in Another actress of whom Charles became enamoured was Mary, or Moll, Davis, supposed daughter of the Earl of Berkshire. She had a child by the King called Mary Tudor, who married Francis Radclyffe, Earl of Derwentwater, and whose son was the unfortunate Derwentwater executed for taking part in the Scottish rebellion of 1 7 1 5.

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A proposal made in Parliament to lay a tax on play- houses was opposed by the courtiers, one of whom observed that the players were the King's servants, and contributed to his diversion. Sir John Coventry then- asked ''whether liis Majesty's pleasure lay Arbor MB-i9650 the male or female players" She will not be his mistress as Mrs.

Price, to go up and down the Privy stairs, but will be owned publicly ; and so she is. Count Hamilton describes Frances Jennings as having the fairest and brightest complexion that ever was seen, her hair a beauteous flaxen, and something particularly lively and animated in her countenance ; the contour of her face was exquisitely fine, and her swell- ing neck as fair and bright as her face. He likens her Arbor MB-i9650 Aurora or the goddess of Spring. One day her husband returned unexpectedly. Owing to long absence abroad, Dick Talbot, James's loyal but scatter-brained friend, who had been left in the antechamber as sentinel, not realising that Lady South- esk was the wife of the man he had known as Lord Carnegie, ran to meet him, and shaking him Arbor MB-i9650 by the hand, advised him to go and seek amusement elsewhere, as the Duke of York was then visiting her, and he had been stationed there to prevent intruders.

Southesk was so astounded at the blunder of his un- lucky friend, that he suffered himself to be turned out of his own house, not having the courage to face the heir presumptive.

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Notwithstanding that the story got about, Lady Southesk continued to frequent the court ; she, however, deteriorated fast, failing to conceal by art the ravages dissipation had made in her beauty. The Duke of York's mistresses better known as such are Arabella Churchill, his first, and Catherine Sedley, among his last Carried away by the general frivolity, Frances Arbor MB-i9650 nings and Miss Price, another maid of honour, took part in the following escapade. The young ladies provided themselves with oranges, crossed the Park Arbor MB-i9650 foot from St. James's Palace, and took a hackney coach at Whitehall to drive to the theatre, where they knew the Duchess of York would be found in the royal box.

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Entering another coach they proceeded to within a few doors Arbor MB-i9650 the fortune-teller's, and were about to descend from the carriage, when they were greatly alarmed at perceiving a notorious libertine, one Brouncker. The novel sight of seeing two orange girls in a hackney coach attracted his attention. His astonishment was further increased when a pretty foot and ankle, attired in shoes and stockings out of keeping with the character, emerged from the vehicle.

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He drew Miss Price aside, and, offer- ing her his purse, made very much the same proposals that Killigrew had done. In the meantime a crowd of ruffians had surrounded the coach, and made for the oranges. The coachman did his best to defend the property of his "fare," and a free fight was the result Gladly relinquishing the fruit, the two maids of honour re-entered their coach, and, very much crest- fallen, returned to St. Her inclina- tion to pry into the secrets of others led her to discover some low intrigues of Lord Rochester's, which she pub- lished to the world. Later, Lord Rochester, in his capacity of astrologer, took his revenge, for, when Miss Price's maid consulted him, he told her she served a good-natured lady, whose only fault was loving wine and men!

The maid was so struck with the remark that she repeated it to her mistress, and the Arbor MB-i9650 of the Wizard increased.

This Lord Rochester, known as Wilmot, must not be confused with Laurence Hyde, James the Second's brother-in-law, in whom the title was subsequently revived. Intel® Socket P Core™ 2 Duo Embedded Micro-ATX Motherboard. MB-i is a Micro-ATX form factor industrial motherboard featuring a Socket P CPU Brand: Arbor MB-i Micro-ATX Arbor MB-i9650 (Specifications).

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