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We see this growth as an indication that we have followed the right strategy from the very beginning in producing measurement equipment that is precisely tailored to suit the needs of the user.

Argus Xdsl Tester Firmware Driver Download

Following this strategy, our ARGUS testers are easy to operate and combine in a single device all of the functions required for onsite measurements. A concept that has been well appreciated by our customers for many years! As a result, we can react to our customers wishes and suggestions in the shortest possible time and thus offer products that are exactly tailored to suit user requirements. The equipment is also manufactured under our control in Germany. Furthermore, we test all of our equipment in our own in-house calibration laboratory. Moreover, each individual tester must pass an automatic optical inspection AOI as part of the production process. By high-ohmic switching to the subscriber line, new Cu tests now also permit spectrum analysis for physical line qualification.

In addition, it also includes a range of features that provide even greater user-friendliness, flexibility and expansion options. These features include additional interfaces such as a USB client and host for faster Argus 165 xDSL Tester transfers, a large, high-quality color display as well as support for convenient operation from the mains or the highpower lithium-ion battery pack. Once the equipment is a use, the service continues as our staff provides assistance free of charge by telephone or.

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The customer is also well advised in countries abroad, where our international sales partners provide competent support for users. From the very beginning, we have offered an update service free of charge for all of Argus 165 xDSL Tester products and we were the first manufacturer of telecommunication testers to do so. Incidentally, this service is free without any additional registration.

Using our free update tool or depending on the product a web interface, customers can use a PC to perform updates themselves without needing to return the product. The current version of the firmware can be Argus 165 xDSL Tester from and then simply transferred to the device.


All of the manuals are available in PDF format at the same site. Additionally, we also hold seminars, in which we offer solid, up-to-date know-how covering the various types of accesses and the technologies which are based on them.


We can also come to you upon request. Nonetheless, we have decided to satisfy all of the directive s requirements voluntarily. We are happy to announce that all ARGUS products available since 1 st January have been built in compliance with this directive. These testers provide certainty while troubleshooting by have designed our testers systematically interrogating and checking Argus 165 xDSL Tester various portions of to include everything that a the transmission circuit.

Depending on which functions of an access service technician needs onsite or network should be checked, an ARGUS tester can replace for in a single, compact and light test purposes the PC, the telephone, the user s network path, the weight device from extensive modem or even the terminal on the IP level. The source of the problem can thus be precisely located permitting the installer or service test functions and interfaces to a convenient display all the way engineer to quickly and effectively clear the fault. This saves not only to an integrated handset. To save the user time and effort involved in swapping modules, we Argus 165 xDSL Tester decided to design our testers to be complete without the use of exchangeable modules.

All of the interfaces supported by an ARGUS tester are immediately ready for use onsite no module swapping Convenient use necessary. A VoIP test, which is started in features such as numerous by pressing a softkey, delivers automatic interrogations, intuitive menu structures, ergonomic results in seconds, evaluates these e. Its connected to a PC or notebook broad spectrum of features can to conveniently view and analyse Argus 165 xDSL Tester measurement results be quickly and easily extended with additional functions by as well as to easily store larger simply downloading a firmware quantities of data.

Argus 165 Xdsl Tester Firmware 2.38 Driver Download

Here again, all of the desired routines are directly available in one and the same device. Without having to swap modules, the user can select or change the interface via the intuitive menu and perform tests at the press of a button.


Thanks to the various Gigabit Ethernet SFPs, the tester offers the greatest possible compatibility for connection to fiber-based interfaces. Throughput tests in accordance with RFC are thus also possible.

If the Ethernet cabling is defective, the ARGUS can immediately locate the source of the fault through its comprehensive cabling tests. In this way, as well as shorts, opens and mismatches, amongst other things, the delay or polarity of wire pairs can also be determined. Argus 165 xDSL Tester addition, it is possible to check whether the receiver connects the voltage for different PoE categories. xDSL + GigE tester.

: DSL tester

The ARGUS xDSL + GigE tester Argus 165 xDSL Tester VDSL2, ADSL, SHDSL and GigaBit Ethernet (Cu + SFP) and supports copper and Triple Play tests on top. The comprehensive all-in-one solution: the ARGUS xDSL+GigE combi tester (ADSL tester, VDSL tester, SHDSL tester. The xDSL + GigE Combi Tester is an Triple Play,xDSL and GigaBit The Triple Play + xDSL Combi Tester verifiesVDSL2, ADSL, SHDSL.

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