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Larger the number of available threads, the better is the performance.

ᐈ Asrock VISION X D • best Price • Technical specifications.

We already know what it is capable of, thanks to our coverage in the VisionX D review. One of the aspects that I feared was spending lot of time in installing the same games again and again on different PCs under the review scanner. The solution was to go the Steam route.

Unfortunately, Steam also likes to keep the game files updated. A quick online search revealed that Steam could make use of an external drive for storing the game executables and downloadable content.

ASRock VisionX (Haswell) Intel LAN But, it is debatable whether the difference is noticeable in real-world gameplay. However, the acoustic profile of the VisionX D is way better. Sleeping Dogs In this title, the three leading systems are much more evenly matched. The choice of CPU has almost negligible effect on the performance. Again, the acoustic profile of the two relevant PCs must be kept in mind. Networking and Storage Performance We have recently started devoting a separate section to analyze the storage and networking credentials of the units under review.

On the storage side, one option would be repetition of our strenuous ASRock VisionX (Haswell) Intel LAN review tests on the drive s in the PC. Fortunately, to avoid that overkill, PCMark 8 has a storage bench where certain common workloads such as loading games and document processing are replayed on the target drive. Results are presented in two forms, one being a benchmark number and the other, a bandwidth figure. On the networking side, we restricted ourselves to the evaluation of the WLAN component. Our standard test router is the Netgear R Nighthawk configured with both 2.

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The router is placed approximately 20 ft. The PC under test is made to connect to either the 5 GHz preferred or 2. It is ensured that the PC under test is the only wireless client for the Netgear R We evaluate total throughput for up to 32 simultaneous TCP connections using iPerf and present the highest number in the graph below.

ASRock PC Barebone System Components VISIONX 420D

Ideally, the D and D should deliver similar performance. The raw numbers are quite good for the D, but, for reasons probably related to antenna placement and system noise, they are a bit worse off compared to the D. Prior ASRock VisionX (Haswell) Intel LAN tackling that, we have two HTPC aspects to explore. The default rates are also quite accurate. Intel used to have an issue with 23 Hz The accuracy is not as much as what we could get with Haswell and Bay Trail-based systems.


Using a single module limits the processor to a single-channel mode, crippling performance. The TruStudio Surround technology expands your stereo content into surround sound and the TruStudio Crystalizer technology restores the compressed sound source, letting you hear every detail in surround sound. However, Intel finally included native USB 3. The Vision HT D comes with a single 2. Early internal designs of this chassis required users to remove the optical drive and primary hard drive before the optional secondary drive could be installed. This inefficient approach has since been corrected so it's now possible to quickly install a second hard drive without ASRock VisionX (Haswell) Intel LAN any other hardware.

VisionX 420D Review: ASRock's mini-PC Lineup Continues to Impress

Intel Mobile Haswell Processor, Mobile Intel HM87 Express chipset, AMD Radeon™ R9 MX VisionX Series (Haswell). Intel®.


*Supports Wake-On-LAN. Steven tells us all about ASRock's VisionX D SFF ASRock VisionX (Haswell) Intel LAN in this review. The VisionX series from ASRock is a mini PC with features closer to that of a high performance desktop rather than a notebook. With a quad-core Intel Core i7 CPU and a dedicated AMD R9 series mobile GPU, the.

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