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Enter The Matrox Is there a more misunderstood technology company than Matrox?

A fast GPU is a must for video processing and other image-heavy productivity tasks, but GPUs are really known for their ability to push the limits on popular 3D-driven games. But two decades ago, these two companies had a competitor—and that competitor did something unusual and surprising: The graphics card maker Matrox decided to simply drop out of the market for consumer graphics entirely—a move that seemingly would have sunk any other company. So what happened to Matrox? Well, let me tell you! A tech demo for the Matrox G graphics card. So why does Matrox AST Matrox a similarly long piece?

Simply put, AST Matrox think a lot of people who were really into tech stopped following it at some point, much in the same way Creative faded from view when sound cards went from necessity to nice-to-have. The Matrox company pool.


Rather, I think it comes AST Matrox to something of a perception issue that results from the way that we talk about modern computer graphics. Was Matrox embarrassed by its time in the consumer graphics market?

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What helped us is that we picked a product to develop that we were able to sell within six months. We kind of bootstrapped and grew slowly in the beginning, not necessarily by choice. The firm, which he started with business partner Branko Matic in the name comes from their names: Matrox has been around so long that it got its start developing hardware for the S busan expansion bay commonly used in early Altair computers, and its ALT, first released inis one of AST Matrox first dedicated graphics cards ever produced. An image from a military document describing the AST Matrox process used in the electronic information delivery system, or EIDS.


Matrox was the primary vendor for this process. The company had something of a quiet momentum during its first decade, as it helped to create methods for AST Matrox the possibilities of computer graphics.

That came inwhen the U. Army awarded a contract to finance the creation of a multimedia AST Matrox system for training soldiers. It was an endeavor the military branch had been looking into fulfilling for about a decade, and the Army needed thousands of machines possibly tens of thousands for what it called the electronic information delivery system, or EIDS. A number of multinational companies reached out with their bids, but Matrox somehow turned out to be the vendor that won the big contract.

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Army came about after a buyer with supposed ties to the CIA wanted a device that could produce information to store on a video disc. But the company built out the video disc technology anyway—only to find AST Matrox, after it had done so, the firm went out of business.


For years, Matrox had AST Matrox technology just sitting around, waiting for an opportunity to fall into use. That opportunity turned out to be EIDS.

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That high point, ultimately, would not last. The much-derided Matrox Mystique graphics AST Matrox. All of a sudden, though, the momentum was swinging hard towards consumers. It was as if the market went from playing solitaire to playing Quake overnight. The company had a longer track record than nearly all of its competition and a long history of well-received cards—naturally, they were in a position to maintain a pole position. Montreal, Canada, September 15, — Matrox Graphics and Advanced Seismic Technologies (AST) today announced that they will be partnering up at the.

Matrox supports the optimal flow of your bulk materials even under extreme conditions. Comparison Datasheet.

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