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See Gentechs Page Here: Asus W90VP Notebook Splendid got my unit from Gentech GentechPC. I am totally wowed by this machine, it is by far the highest quality laptop I have owned. First impressions are usually based on what you see and there is nothing but awesomeness to be seen in this unit. Its the first gaming laptop that had a design that seemed sensible to me. No neon colors, no strobing lights, no giant alient heads or crazy tribal designs on the lid. Past the looks and getting hands on with it, I noticed that its a bit heavier than I expected, but I already got used to it in a matter of days. No flex, no points of wear, its just solid so being full of high end equipment, its big size, and its solid build its just kind of a given that its going to be heavy. It comes in a interesting box, its more tall vertical wise than it is wide, it came with a bag to hold it in, and it even has a Razor Copperhead gaming mouse included.

I thought that was really neat. The only thing that really caught me by surprise was the power brick. It was much larger and heavy duty than I expected.

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Its not really all to heavy on its own but the size is going to make it hard to find a bag space for it. From a first impressions perspective I was very happy, there is no reason not to be. Just click the arrows to scroll Asus W90VP Notebook Splendid the pictures.

I think this method is better than posting 30 pictures in a row for everybody to have to load, esp those on small screens or slow internet connections. You can view larger images by clicking Asus W90VP Notebook Splendid link to the album and once there click the magnifying glass for even larger images. As I had mentioned the build and design both are just incredible. Going Asus W90VP Notebook Splendid detail though of what makes it so good. The worst enemy for many notebook users especially those like myself that insist on having it clean and perfect looking.

All of the ports and buttons are in easy to get too and logical locations. The color scheme is perfect, its black on the inside with chrome accent from the touchpad buttons and the grey aluminum on the outside shell. The lid opens wide enough so you can use this on any kind of stand and has a very firm hing. There is no wobble and it takes a bit of muscle to get it open when the unit is closed. Being full of high end parts like dual hard drives, a Asus W90VP Notebook Splendid core cpu, and dual video cards there is a ton of heat to be generated inside but the cooling solution used is top grade. It keeps everything nice and cool and manages to do it quietly.

In a silent room you hear nothing more than the soft air movement noise, nothing annoying like fans spinning. They all work fine except the volume slider is hard for me to use. These keys are made to work with Asus's media player program, but may work with other programs as well. The Asus media software included is VERY similar to Windows Media Center, so much it scary Above the keyboard are some quick buttons for mute, disable the touchpad, zoom an asus toolwebcam, turbo gear, and splendid screen mode another Asus tool as well as a led indicator of your current Asus W90VP Notebook Splendid brightness setting. It boots into an alternate OS that is based on linux I think.


In the W90 this is not the case. Oh what a sweet thing it is, if there was any really good point to getting a bigger laptop its for a bigger screen.


Just think about it, no matter how fast or powerful your computer is or how high you can turn up your game settings. The monitor is the single most important thing interfacing a game or movie to you, its what is responsible for Asus W90VP Notebook Splendid you see all that hard work the computer is doing.

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The W90 screen is just so nice. It has a x resolution so you have lots of room to work with for browsing folders, working in photoshop, video editing and web surfing.

Really almost anything your doing the larger screen and resolution is going to pay off in some way. Definitely on par with high end desktop screens.

The Ultimate W90VP-A1 Review NotebookReview

The gradients are so good that the. Response time is also faster than the past monitors I have used. You will find many debates about the change from For the sake of review we will just take it for Asus W90VP Notebook Splendid it is. I personally like The A1 model does have a built in blueray player so it is meant to watch movies on. I think that this resolution is perfect for this size of screen, if the screen was any smaller I think it would be too much and hard to work with, any less and you would be taking something great away frorm the screen. There is also one more really neat thing about this screen that I have never seen before. You know when you go to clean your screen with a cloth to get the dust off and while the middle gets clean easy most of the dust just gets pushed to the edge of the screen and caught between the bezel and the screen surface? The entire inside lid area of the W90 is 1 solid piece of glass, meaning the screen and bezel are both covered so when you wipe it off there is nowhere for dust to get trapped, its just like cleaning off a window, letting you keep that great screen looking great.

Free Download Asus W90VP Notebook Splendid Utility (Graphics Board).

View full Asus W90Vp-X specs on CNET. Notebook type. Gaming laptop ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence Technology, Color Shine, Zero Bright Dot, glare.

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