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Asus V301LA
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ASIControl provides a common interface for users AudioScience ASIROUTE all driver types. By default, only bus based i. Adapters are listed in order of adapter index.

AudioScience - Built For Broadcast

For bus-based adapters, this is determined by the adapter index jumper on the card. AudioScience ASIROUTE party CobraNet devices are listed last as they have no AudioScience index. On the left hand side of the bus AudioScience ASIROUTE, bus-based adapters show player and recorder streams, while CobraNet adapters show their network connections. Each of the inputs and outputs is referred to as a node and each Node contains one or more controls. The topology shows each control as a small icon.

A non-exhaustive list of AudioScience ASIROUTE follows: Clicking on a node will bring up the controls resident on that node in the right hand control list. There AudioScience ASIROUTE an adapter node in the top left corner of the topology window. Clicking on this will show adapter-specific controls and properties on the right hand side.

ASI5640, ASI5641, ASI5644

Not all adapters have all nodes. The controls are arranged, from top to bottom, in order of audio signal flow, i.

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Controls may be used to either manipulate the audio as it passes through AudioScience ASIROUTE node, or report back control status information. Not all adapters have all controls.

The section below lists some common and any specific controls, as seen in ASIControl, for this adapter. Serial Number: The serial number is displayed here. Hardware Revision: This lists the hardware revision of the AudioScience product. DSP Software Version: The DSP software AudioScience ASIROUTE is AudioScience ASIROUTE usually the same as the driver version installed.


DSP AudioScience ASIROUTE A reboot is necessary after changing adapter mode. Different adapters will have different modes available, and not all adapters have modes. Please see datasheets on specific adapters, available at www. See the Low Latency Mode datasheet for further information.

ASI - AudioScience

For further information on SSX2, AudioScience ASIROUTE its datasheet under the Technology section at www. A reboot is necessary after changing the mode setting.


After rebooting, one multichannel play or record stream will be created for each 4 play or record streams AudioScience ASIROUTE the adapter. A player in ASIControl.

The first line of static text contains the AudioScience ASIROUTE playback file. Below the filename is the file information; playback time and playback bytes, the timescale AudioScience ASIROUTE options, the player control buttons and the file repeat option. Use the file icon button to navigate to the desired file.

After AudioScience ASIROUTE the file, the complete filename, including the path, will appear immediately to the left of the file open icon. At this point the file information is also filled in so that it contains the following fields: Channels, Rate, Format, and Bit Rate. Most of these are self-explanatory.

The Rate refers to the sample rate of the audio recorded in the file. At this point the percentage time scaling without pitch shift can AudioScience ASIROUTE set if desired.

ASI5744 - AudioScience

ASIRoute is an AudioScience application that has been designed to simplify the process of AudioScience ASIROUTE audio streams between various CobraNet™ devices on a. However, making these connections “by hand” is tedious at best. ASIRoute is an AudioScience application that has been designed to simplify.

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