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Always time for something a little different and on Avid Soundwaves-On-Berlin Ventured, Nothing Gained, we have just that. For some reason whilst listening to this I found myself wandering mentally around the Tate Modern in London, it is music that allows you to add your own interpretation to the tones given, and perhaps for me, this is a little slice of surrealism that fitted the bill nicely and as Jim says, Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained!

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We move deeper into the labyrinths of the album now with Evolutionary Phase. The pulsating beat leads us into Avid Soundwaves-On-Berlin piece that seems to create itself as it goes. I found this track compelling to listen to, as I was eager with every note played to see where the artist would take me next, a completely intriguing composition indeed. Our last official arrangement is called Cosmic Shift and here Ottaway gives us a glimpse through the curtains at his musical galaxy, through a composition that has a real essence of Kevin Kendle and Jonn Serrie about it. The beautiful floaty style here is the perfect way to leave the listener.


The title of this album wants to reflect the 'almost' endless motion of life along some of Avid Soundwaves-On-Berlin emotions that we experience as we go through life's journey. As such, Down Under-based composer Mr Ottaway came up with a quite energizing, rhythmic-oriented but not too busy outcome featuring various sub-genres Avid Soundwaves-On-Berlin electronic music including electronic rock, Berlin School and ambient. The 12 accessible pieces, of which "Sequence of Life" and "Evolutionary Phase" have quite a Robert Schroeder vibe to it, will please those fond of mellow-melodic and groovy EM, incorporating elements from the general-melodic electronics from the British Isles and Germany.

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An exception though is "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" turning out bare, too synthetic and compared to the other tracks sounding too much out of the box. Avid Soundwaves-On-Berlin the album does not chart new stellar territory, it does a great job of describing these heavenly vistas while giving us an immersive journey.

You know the one, Avid Soundwaves-On-Berlin we start quietly, thrown in a roar of metaphorical engine noise, ramp up the tempo, and then shift it back down. Instead, we get deep, telescopic stargazing, the churn and drift of nebular clouds. The five main tracks, representing the points of the cross, Alpha through Epsilon, flow together well, with only slight pauses marking the move to each new track. I have tended to get so lost in the music here that it seemed like Avid Soundwaves-On-Berlin had laid them out without actual end points.

Alpha, Gamma, and Epsilon each spool out slowly across just over fourteen minutes, with Beta and Delta acting as brief Avid Soundwaves-On-Berlin of eight and a half and five an half minutes, respectively. Ottaway puts a slight warble into some of the tones here, a nice ear-catching bit of texture.

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Tremolo chords feel like ripples in the fabric of space, and long, low pads chart Avid Soundwaves-On-Berlin course through the background. Toward the end, Ottaway shifts into territory that almost loses me.

He goes Avid Soundwaves-On-Berlin little science fiction-y with various bloops and swoops of the knob-twisting analog type. To his credit, if you listen closely, these sounds exist in small blurbs throughout the piece, and come to the forefront later. Close your eyes and let 14 minutes of very light pads just flow across you. Bright tones highlight a slowly developing melody, and the sense is just a blissful, coasting float accented with starshine.

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The lineup is: Consent to Treatment recorded in L. Is it available in version 5. Mix Master protools digi UniversalAudio uaudio avid.

Boa madrugada de trabalho!!! My branch of research is Avid Soundwaves-On-Berlin, which looks at measuring the activities of individual neurons, or in other words nerve cells.

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