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Fol- lowers of the historical school are more likely than those of other schools to strictly follow decisions made in past cases.

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Legal realism is based on the idea that law is just one of many institutions in society and BEKO NOTEBOOK B576 it is shaped by social forces and needs. Because the law is a human enterprise, this school reasons that judges should take social and economic realities into account when deciding cases. Legal realists also believe that the law can never be applied with total uniformity. Given that judges are human beings with unique personalities, value systems, and intellects, different judges will obviously bring differ- ent reasoning processes to the same case.

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Female judges, for instance, might be more inclined BEKO NOTEBOOK B576 male judges to consider whether a decision might have a negative impact on the employment of women or minorities. Legal realism strongly influenced the growth of what is sometimes called the sociological school, which views law as a tool for promoting justice in society. In the s, for instance, the justices of the United States Supreme Court helped advance the civil rights movement by upholding long-neglected laws calling for equal treatment for all Americans, including African Americans and other minor- ities. Generally, jurists who adhere to this philosophy of law are more likely to depart from past decisions than are jurists who adhere to other schools of legal thought. One system, for instance, divides law into substantive law and procedural law.

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BEKO NOTEBOOK B576 law consists of all laws that define, describe, regulate, and create legal rights and obligations. Procedural law consists of all laws that outline the methods of enforcing the rights established by substantive law.

Note that many statutes contain both substantive and procedural provisions. Other classification systems divide law into federal law and state law, private law dealing with relationships between private entities and public law addressing the relationship between persons and their governmentsand national law and international law. Here we look at still another classification system, which divides law into. BEKO NOTEBOOK B576 of the oldest and most significant schools of legal thought.

Those who believe in natural law hold that there is a universal law applicable to all human beings. A school of legal thought that stresses the evolutionary BEKO NOTEBOOK B576 of law and looks to doctrines that have withstood the passage of time for guidance in shaping present laws. A school of legal thought that advocates a less abstract and more realistic and pragmatic approach to the law and takes into account customary practices and the circumstances surrounding the particular transaction. A school of legal thought centered on the assumption that there is no law higher than the laws created by the government.


Typically, in a civil case, a private party sues another private party who has failed to comply with a duty. Note that the government can also sue a party for a civil law violation.

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Much of BEKO NOTEBOOK B576 law that we discuss in this text is civil law, including contract law and tort law. Criminal law, in contrast, is concerned with wrongs committed against the public as a whole. Criminal acts are defined and prohibited by local, state, or federal govern- ment statutes. Criminal defendants are thus prosecuted by public officials, such as a district attorney D. Some statutes, such as those protecting the environment or investors, have both civil and criminal provisions. In response, courts have had to adapt traditional laws to situations that are unique to our age. Additionally, legislatures at both the federal and the state levels have created laws to deal specifically with such issues. Frequently, people use the term cyberlaw to refer to the emerging body of law that governs transactions con- ducted via the Internet.

Cyberlaw is not really a classifica- tion of law, though, nor is it a new type of law. Rather, it type of law.

Rather, it type is an informal term used to refer to both new laws and modifications BEKO NOTEBOOK B576 traditional laws that relate to the online environment. Throughout this book, you will read how the law in a given area is evolving to govern specific legal issues that arise in the online context. This text includes numerous references, or citations, to primary sources of law—federal and state statutes, the U. Constitution and state constitutions, regula- tions issued by administrative agencies, and court cases. A citation identifies the publication in which a legal authority—such as a statute or a court decision or other source—can be found.

In this section, we explain how you can use citations to find primary sources of law. When Congress passes laws, they are collected in a pub- lication titled United States Statutes at Large. When state legislatures pass laws, they BEKO NOTEBOOK B576 collected in similar state publications.

Most frequently, however, laws are referred to in their codified form—that is, the form in which they appear in the federal and state codes. In these codes, laws are compiled by subject. United States Code U. United States Code arranges all existing federal laws by broad subject. Each of the fifty-two subjects is BEKO NOTEBOOK B576 a title and a title number. A citation to the U.

In addition to the print publication, the federal gov- ernment provides a searchable online database at www. It includes the United States Code, the U. Constitution, and many other federal resources. Commercial publications of federal laws and regula- tions are also available. Download the latest drivers for your Bekopc BEKO NOTEBOOK B to BEKO NOTEBOOK B576 your Computer up-to-date. Download the latest drivers for your Bekopc BEKO NB BNB SR to keep your Computer up-to-date. Device Name: Laptop Integrated Webcam.

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