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Drum unit Toner augers. Developer Toner sensor roller.

Laser-sensitive drum Toner supply roller. Cleaner roller.

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Charger Corona wire. Polygon motor Mirror.

  • Brother MFC / MC/ MC/ / / / P - SnimkiteVi
  • Black and white Brother – Globe Technology India
  • Genuine, MFC 7300DX, 7550, 7650, 7750ML, 8000, 8200P, 9000, 9500
  • Basic Info
  • Brother MFC 6800/ 7550MC/ 7650MC/ 7750/ 9000/ 9500/ P2000

Laser unit Mirror. The print process unit Brother MFC-90009500 with laser beam, electrical charges, and toner. The graph be- low shows the transition of electrical charge on the surface of the laser-sensitive drum through the five processes: A single cycle of laser-sensitive drum operation 1 Charges the drum surface positively.

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Electrical charge on the drum surface V. The high-voltage power supply applies DC bias to the corona wire to generate ion on the grid. The ion uniformly charges the surface of Brother MFC-90009500 laser-sensitive drum to approx.


When the laser-sensitive drum holds a positive electrical charge, the laser Brother MFC-90009500 issued from the laser unit scans the drum according to the print image to expose the drum surface for neutralizing the spots where black should be, forming an electrostatic latent image. Laser-sensitive drum Laser beam. Laser diode Polygon motor.


The developing process develops an electrostatic latent image formed on the drum in the exposing process, into a toner image. The developer roller attracts the toner particles fed from the toner cartridge by the toner sup- ply roller, and then conveys them to the contact section with the laser-sensitive drum. On the contact section between the developer roller and drum, the positive toner particles stick to the neutralized spots on the drum according to the principles of attraction and repul- sion, transforming a Brother MFC-90009500 image into a toner image. The toner augers which agitate toner particles in the chamber and the blade allow toner particles to be fed onto the developer roller at an even thickness. Toner Eraser lamp. The toner is positive, so the toner image formed on the drum will be transferred onto the paper according to the same principle as for the developing process.

If the toner image fails to stick to the paper due to paper jam or other errors, it will stick to the transfer roller. The toner returns from the transfer roller to the drum.

Printer Head Color type for Epson DX2 head for colork c for F From Japan

Cleaning the drum In the transferring process, not all the toner particles on the drum are transferred onto the paper but some toner particles remain on the drum. The cleaner roller cleans the drum sur- face and collects the Brother MFC-90009500 toner.

When printing starts or during non-printing, the toner collected on the cleaner Brother MFC-90009500 will be discharged onto the drum and returned to the chamber through the developer roller for recycling in the subsequent developing process. Paper ejection roller. Paper Heat-fixing unit Paper ejection sensor actuator. As the paper passes between the heater roller and the pressure roller in the fixing unit, the heater roller fuses the toner on the paper.

This equipment has ten sensors: These photosensors are a Brother MFC-90009500 consisting of a light-emitting diode and a light- sensitive transistor. Each of them has an actuator separately arranged as shown on the next page. Main PCB.

Brother 3550-4550-6550-7550-9000-9500 Service Manual

System Specs for Brother MFC/ Type of System: Printers. System Memory.

Standard Memory: 1 MB (non-removable). Maximum Memory: 3 MB. Copies 1 - Brother MFC-90009500 - Brother Service Manual - Free ebook This printer is certified as a Class 1 laser product under the US.

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