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We installed the tuner at two locations in the Sydney metropolitan area.

Our first location was in Sydney's north, less than 2Km from a digital TV transmission tower. From there, the T struggled and couldn't find many channels.

How to get your Compro VideoMate T750 working

The only channel it could pick up wasn't displayed smoothly with an abundance of stuttering and Mpeg artefacts. Testing from our second Compro VideoMate T750 in Sydney's eastern suburbs around 15Km away from the same digital TV tower yielded much better results. All available digital TV channels in our area were picked up quickly and we noticed no major signal break-ups or stuttering during prolonged viewing. Analogue reception, which is usually prone to interference from this test location, wasn't too bad with the T Compro VideoMate T750 use both the digital and the analogue tuners, you must install the supplied dual-head antenna adapter, which takes one antenna input and plugs it into both tuners.

How to get your Compro VideoMate T working MediaPortal HTPC

The T's also has video inputs which allow you to easily view and record composite or S-Video sources. You can, for example, hook up your VCR and a camcorder and watch them through Compro's DTV 3 software interface, switching between them. The DTV 3 software interface has a Compro VideoMate T750 of features, most of which are useful, but the program isn't very user-friendly. Compro has taken a streamlined approach to DTV 3's interface and has hidden all the essential indicators and function buttons in edge-panels.

To view these panels you need to move the mouse to the edge of the control panel's window Compro VideoMate T750, once the mouse pointer becomes a crosshair, click. The panels auto-disappear after a few seconds, which can be annoying, but there is an option to lock these in place to keep them visible at all times.

We were also annoyed by the "submarine" effect on the mouse pointer. Every time the main window was in full-screen mode, the mouse would, for the most part, submerge beneath the main DTV 3 window and its control panel interface, which made it very difficult to use the control panel or change configuration settings. You're better off controlling the T using keyboard shortcuts or the supplied remote control, rather than the mouse. Additionally, there is a lack of consistency when using the right-click menus of DTV 3's digital and analogue modes. Commands that are in the root menus in one mode are hidden in sub menus of the other mode, making DTV 3 a Compro VideoMate T750 hard to learn.

If you can overlook the haphazard interface design, then you'll be thrilled with what you can do with the T It has all the features expected of a digital TV tuner for a PC.

Download Compro VideoMate T Driver for Windows XP

It can display standard and high definition digital TV signals and can perform time-shifting, manual recording, scheduled recording and transport stream recording. What the T adds to the mix, thanks to the second analogue tuner, is the ability to display two Compro VideoMate T750 simultaneously, or to record one channel while displaying another. However, the tuners aren't transparent, meaning you can't switch from one to the other without first opening a second viewing window and selecting the alternate tuner. To use both tuners at once, two TV windows need to be opened on your desktop.

This works particularly well if you have a dual monitor Compro VideoMate T750, or a large widescreen monitor. If you want to watch a different channel on the analogue while recording a program on the digital tuner, you will need to decide what you want to watch before you start recording the digital program.


I'm using MediaPortal v0. I found some a good detail on this thread: It's the forum changing the text for some reason.

There should be no space. You'll need to add this to the file.

Compro Australia VideoMate T750

Initially this didn't work for me but after a while I realised Compro VideoMate T750 my capturecarddefinitions. If you find them, you'll need to correct the errors because MediaPortal bombs out of processing rightly so the file XML file.


However, it doesn't report any obvious errors, it just stops reading the file, and you'll think the entry doesn't work. Compro VideoMate T - digital / analog Compro VideoMate T750 tuner / video capture adapter - PCI overview and full product specs on CNET. Compro Australia VideoMate T The T is a digital TV tuner than can also display analogue TV signals and tune in to FM Radio. While it.

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