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Moreover, the plenum is preferably designed to have a cross section at least Daewoo FR-091A times that of the nozzle.

Refrigerators Daewoo Electronics.

This gives the air curtain a homogeneity and Daewoo FR-091A resistance to turbulence or disruption from a side pressure. HQ 1 shows an elevational section of a portion of the edge fastened panels of the door in closed position. Referring first to FIG.

As shown in FIG. There may be a variable number, more or less, panels than shown for present purposes Daewoo FR-091A illustration to form the closure, depending upon its size as well as the size of each panel.


The panels may be wider or narrower Daewoo FR-091A the top or bottom of the closure to provide economy in the construction or extra strength to the closure in using them wide or narrow at these points as desired. However, as shown in FIG. In Daewoo FR-091A manner each of the Ubent strips are interchangeable and are easily replaced if one or more were damaged or destroyed.

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Both sections A and B are spaced apart from each other and may be raised and lowered separately or together in spaced-apart relationship, but preferably are handled together as a single closure, as will appear. Beside and near the top of the opening 20, as shown in FIG. As Daewoo FR-091A in several figures, a plenum chamber 19 is mounted in the top portion of the wall opening into which the outlet air flow 23 from the blower 21 is discharged.


The top of the plenum 19 has Daewoo FR-091A sides 24 and 25 whose lower ends 26 and 27 are fastened at opposite upper sides 28 and 29 in any position of the upper, outer and inner closure sections A and B to discharge its air flow as received from the air blower into a space C between the sections. The several panels in the vertical series comprising each closure section from the bottom to the top, as shown in FIGS.

Daewoo Electronics FR-091A Fridge

Moreover, as the nested sections expand in closing of the door, the plenum I9 continuously expands in the closing direction and is thereby of varied size as the door opening varies from closed through partially open to completely Daewoo FR-091A positions of the door. The lowermost panels 10 and 11 have U-bent flanges at their top edges only and the uppermost sides 24 and 25 of the plenum 19 have such U-bent flanges only at their lower edges 26 and The upper edges of the upper sliding panels 28 and 29 are flanged to fasten to the bottom edges 26 and 27 of the uppermost panels 24 and 25 of Daewoo FR-091A For instance, as shown in detail in FIGS.

As shown, the inwardly and upwardly turned lower edge 32 of the U-bent flange of Daewoo FR-091A upper panel 16 mates with but is preferably smaller than the upper edge 30 of downturned channel 30 and 31 but, nevertheless, the smaller channel 32 fits into the U-bent flange 30 of the lower panel However, they are intended to interfit sufficiently close Daewoo FR-091A upper and lower separable joints to form a reenforcing channel for each panel. The flanged joints thus impart strength and rigidity to the panels, each receiving and gripping the next adjacent panel in a seal which is relatively gas tight to avoid lateral loss of air through the seal.

Daewoo FR-091A The combined flanges forming the joint provide reenforcement for one panel section against the next, whereby the door panels do not rattle or shake or vibrate in Daewoo FR-091A wind by lateral pressures of variable weather conditions. Again, these U-bends allow easy vertical removal and realignment of these flange bends by simple vertical movement of the panels.


In the sense that the U- bend channels may be thus modified in shape, the term U-bent" is used herein in a generic sense. While the wall opening hereof is closed such as by a sliding door, usually for a garage, warehouse or factory, such opening being protected by the air screen when open, thus preventing heat exchange between the inner and outer spaces, the structures herein may be used for protecting any wall opening such as a window and the term closure is intended to be used in its generic sense to refer to either. The upturned flange edge Daewoo FR-091A of the panel 16 bears against the inner face of panel 14 in upward sliding movement. Correspondingly, the downturned flange 31 of the lower panel 14 can bear against the inner side of panel 16 as a guide so that the panel 14 in vertical movement will slide against the panel 16 with the flanged edges bearing against the surfaces for guiding movements as the door opens and closes.

A corresponding set of flanges 37 and 38 between adjacent edges of panels in the inner door section B operate similar to those of section A to grip or guide the inner series of panels for simultaneous closure of the inner door.

As shown in FIGS. Wire cables 42 are entrained about drums The opposite ends of cables 42 pass downward through the central duct section C of the door and are fastened to each of the brackets 43 between the lowermost panels. There are usually two cables 42 near opposite ends of the door, whereby upon rotation of the winding drums 40 the series of panels, starting with the lowermost 10 and 11 of both Daewoo FR-091A are raised vertically. If you are looking for the instruction Daewoo FR-091A Fridge/ Refrigerator DAEWOO FRA - you have come to the right place.

Daewoo Electronics FRA Fridge Photo, Characteristics

On this page you can download it Daewoo FR-091A free. File size: KB. Download manual Fridge/ Refrigerator DAEWOO FR FR File size: 48 KB. Download manual Fridge/ Refrigerator DAEWOO FRA.

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