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It might increase Dallas MAX5417L decrease the inductance. All parts of the path influence the inductance. For example, the inductance of a via depends on the location of nearby interplane connections. The induc- tance of a bypass capacitor depends on its proximity to the reference planes.

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ADD-X UNIKA 200VMAX5467 Datasheet (PDF) - Maxim Integrated Products

Dallas MAX5417L Inductance is not a property of an individual Dallas MAX5417L. In distributed circuits, inductance is a property of the spaces between conductors. Howard Johnson, PhD, of Signal Con- sulting, frequently conducts technical workshops for digital engineers at Oxford University and other sites worldwide. Visit his Web site at www. Call for design support.

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Dallas MAX5417L in mass production and available from stock. Internet Web sites, videoconferencing, and e-mail would put live events out of business. So much for popular wisdom: Despite the high cost of jet fuel and the high impedance that governments pres- ent to air travelers, attendance appears robust at the better professional conferences in our field.


APEC Applied Power Electronics Confer- ence and Exposition did break its at- tendance record with nearly at- tendees from 32 countries and more than organizations. More important than the numbers, the conference experience is rich, par- ticularly for those of us who are inter- ested in analog and power technolo- gies. Both conferences are IEEE af- filiates and are duly famous for the quality of their paper presentations, which make up their schedules' core. Strong educational programs, less-for- mal panel discussions, Dallas MAX5417L rap sessions complement the paper tracks and give attendees opportunities to learn from and interact with peers and leaders in technical Dallas MAX5417L.

Though the conferences take dif- ferent approaches to organizing and presenting their educational pro- grams, educational sessions at both events were at or near capacity this year. I haven't space to fully describe these offerings — see www. ISSCC offered 10 two-hour tutori- als scheduled so that attendees could choose as many as two.


Attendees re- ceived prints Dallas MAX5417L the presentation slides for the sessions they attended and prices were a la carte. Of the 10 tuto- rials, eight featured analog topics.

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The strong analog component does not Dallas MAX5417L dicate that the ISSCC ignores digi- tal technologies and design challeng- es. On the contrary, some of the most vexing problems digital designers must face, particularly when designing for nm and smaller process nodes, derive from the awful reality that digi- tal, though a useful abstraction, is on- ly that: Increasingly, analog effects de- riving Dallas MAX5417L fundamental physics limit the performance of digital topologies. APEC's professional-educational- seminar program comprised 18 three- and-a-half-hour sessions in three blocks.

Attendees receive the printed slides for all 18 seminars — nearly in all — and can attend any session they wish without declar- ing their preference in advance. However, the ability to peruse the slides from all of the presentations allows attendees to better compare and assess the value of competing sessions. Both conferences schedule evening panel discussions or rap sessions. These sessions usually start with position statements from each member of the panel but, with luck and audience par- ticipation, rapidly devolve in formal- ity and evolve in depth and breadth. Standouts this year included "Digital RF — Fundamentally a new technolo- gy or just marketing hype" in several visual channels. The only obvious thing was that the problem originated in the display pro- cessor, a collection of about wire- wrap boards and PCBs printed-circuit boards plugged into a wire- wrap back- panel.

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To make matters worse, this sys- tem had 1 X pixel resolution, which required four display processors load sharing in the scan-line-inter- leaved fashion that some commercial graphics chips now use- Thus, the po- tential offenders included about cards, probably cables, and hun- dreds of thousands of wire-wrap wires. Management assigned me to find and fix the problem. We found that the picture from each individual processor was good on its own, but the combined Dallas MAX5417L possessed the dreaded sparkles.

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The chief suspect became the fastest clock in the system, which had a blaz- ing nsec period. Most clocks were nsec.

This clock, which was the basis of all the frame-buffer output and video timing, crossed wire-wrap back- panels eight times, traversed wire-wrap cards 16 times, and traveled through three ribbon cables, with the system rebuffing it several times along the way. By the end, it looked awful. I figured Dallas MAX5417L a good approach might be to use ECL and differential signaling to control rise and fall times and reduce common-mode noise. Dallas MAX5417L, we had a handful of parts available and a built-in —5. of a MAXL evaluation kit (EV kit) and a companion command For pricing, delivery, and ordering information, please contact Maxim/Dallas Direct! at. The MAX/MAX/MAX nonvolatile, linear- taper, digital potentiometers perform the function of a mechanical potentiometer by replacing the  Missing: Dallas.

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