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An on-chip Dallas MAX1586A adapter generates all line-rate clocks from a single input clock. A surfacemounted DS and careful layout of the analog signal traces provide maximum Dallas MAX1586A integrity to demonstrate the transmit and receive capabilities of the DS On-board Dallas compatible microcontroller and included software give point-andclick access to configuration and status registers from a personal computer.


All Dallas MAX1586A and connectors are clearly labeled with silk screening to identify associated signals. The devices perform store-and-forward of frames with Ethernet traffic conditioning and bridging functions at Dallas MAX1586A speed. The programmability of classification, priority queuing, encapsulation, and bundling allows great flexibility in providing various Ethernet services.

MAXA datasheet - Gbps PCI Express Passive Switches The MAXA/MAXA

OAM flows can be extracted and inserted Dallas MAX1586A an external processor to manage the Ethernet service. The voice ports of the DS33W41 and DS33W11 easily connect to external codecs for integrated voice and data service applications. Connect a resistive voltage-divider from the battery voltage to LBI to set the lowbattery threshold. LBI threshold voltage is 1.

Data Sh Power Supplies Mixed Signal Maxim

Connect a resistive voltage-divider from the battery voltage to DBI to set the dead-battery voltage threshold. When the voltage at DBI is below the 1. Output of the 1. Connect GND to a local analog ground plane with no high-current paths. GND should be connected to the main ground plane at a single point as close to the IC and the IN bypass capacitor as possible. Connect the ground of the low-noise components, such as resistive voltagedividers and reference bypass capacitor to the analog ground plane. RSO remains low for RSO is an open-drain output. Connect PG1 directly to a power ground plane. A single 4. Dallas MAX1586A remains low as long as MR is low, and returns high OUTOK is used by the processor to indicate when it is safe for the processor to exit sleep mode.

OUTOK is an open-drain output. Connect PG2 directly to a power ground plane. Brilliant Image. Nyk Mun.

Priyanka Kumari. Byun BaekHyun. Duc Nguyen Hoang. Raja Faheem Khalid. Sonali Deshmukh.

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Not production tested. Note 5: Flatness is defined as the difference between the maximum and minimum value of on-resistance as measured over the specified analog Dallas MAX1586A range. P supervisory circuits designed to monitor two or three system power-supply voltages.

These devices assert a system reset if any monitored supply falls below its fac. Propagation Delay Is 40ns, Wh. Make sure the saturation current of the Dallas MAX1586A exceeds the peak inductor current and the rated maximum DC inductor current exceeds the maximum Dallas MAX1586A current I OUT MAX. Inductance values larger than LIDEAL can be used to optimize efficiency or to obtain the maximum possible output current.

Larger inductance values accomplish this by supplying a given load current with a lower inductor peak current. If the inductance is raised Dallas MAX1586A much, however, the inductor size may become too large, or the increased inductor resistance may reduce efficiency more than the gain derived from lower peak current. Smaller inductance values allow smaller inductor sizes, but also result in larger peak inductor current for a given load. Larger output capacitance may then be needed to suppress the increase in output ripple caused by larger peak current.

Design Procedure Setting the Output Voltages The outputs V1 and V2 have preset output voltages, but can also be adjusted using a resistor voltage-divider.

: Analog, linear, and mixed-signal devices from Maxim

To set V1 to 3. V2 can be preset to 1. To set V2 to 1. Dallas MAX1586A set to 2. For pricing, delivery, and ordering information, please contact Maxim/Dallas Direct! at.or visit Maxim's website at PART. For pricing, Dallas MAX1586A, and ordering information, please contact Maxim/Dallas Direct! at.or visit Maxim's website at

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