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It will either be short or leaky. If not check the free standing Daytek DT-1536D close by. I replaced all of these except Q I cannot locate what it is in my equivalence books.

Download Monitor Daytek DT-1536D Windows ME drivers and software.

I used the first NPN transistor I found and the screen fired up but the PSU made a squealing noise that is affected by width ie goes away past the outter limits of screen or when shrunk to a certain size or smaller. I found a shorted 4. Also HOT Q gets really hot. All I can think of Daytek DT-1536D Q needs to be specific. First, the Daytek DT-1536D schematic shows R as 0. Your 4.

All adjustments work but when width is adjusted to minimum the Daytek DT-1536D is still too wide. Checked the board for dry joints etc. Other modes work fine.

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What else could be broken? Often, bad connections on D cause such failures, so resolder D, and add an extension wire to its lead, if the lead doesn't reach all Daytek DT-1536D way through the PC board.

Daytek DT-1536D Fujitsu M monitor. I need the value for R and D Viewsonic g monitor is dead. HOT running too hot and darlington transistor on same heat sink very hot.

Going into shutdown when signal applied. Have swapped good flyback no effect. The cause was a totally open tube connections, replaced with new tube and unit works perfectly. Items replaced were; IRF or equivalent, How do I get into the service mode. This unit Daytek DT-1536D made by Samsung.

You need the Samsung version of DAS software and interface to re-adjust. I need the part number of IC in the power supply section.

I need info and sub for this IC. For a substitute, you could try KA2S Samsung NB monitor, when shutting off Daytek DT-1536D decays too slow causing a burn spot on the phospher in the middle of the screen. I thing is a CI ka2s Need value of R near Daytek DT-1536D fried due to bad joint on flyback reads 7. R is 10kohms half watt.


The picture distorts on upper side, when I adjust it with trapezoid control, it suddenly change the distortion Daytek DT-1536D the lower side. It happens same when adjust pincushion and vertical height.


The H. I re-soldered deflection board but no help.

DT-1531D, DT-1536D, DT-1731D, DT-1926D drivers download windows for Monitor free

Change that chip. Samsungnb monitor, chassis ckais dead Daytek DT-1536D the power LED is not lit.


I took measurements with tester and there is tension in C, primary transformer T but the rest of the circuit has no volts. The relay does not turn on because there is no supply on the Q, the device TH seems to be in short because there are 0 volts among their pins. I replaced burst photocoupler OPT Check to see if the power supply chip IC has supply to Daytek DT-1536D 3. If not check R A burst photocoupler implies a serious overvoltage problem.

Daytek DTD drivers

Since this device couples to both primary and secondary sides of the circuit, any overvoltage might Daytek DT-1536D come from Daytek DT-1536D side. If from the primary side, probably IC has shorted, and needs replacing. here you can download driver for DAYTEK DTD. Daytek DTD drivers. Found 1 driver for Windows XP, WindowsWindows 98, Windows ME, Windows 95, Windows 98 SE. Select driver to download.

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