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The larger cassette is just slightly bigger than an audio -cassette box, at 4. The cassettes contain Y4- inch -wide tape with Dell Dimension 8200 LG 8482B metal "or equivalent" coating. An optional feature of the cassette is a built -in IC memory for storage of a table of contents, recording dates, program title, and other information.

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The system will use digital component recording for video. For all existing non -HDTV standards, the luminance sampling frequency will be The audio track will use 48 khz 18 bits for two -channel recording, and 32 khz 12 bits for four -channel recording. Audio specifications are similar to those for DAT recording, and presumably were chosen to make digital copying difficult -although the specifications as released did not contain any specific mention of anti -copy system. Discrete cosine Dell Dimension 8200 LG 8482B DCS will be used for video rate reduction.

سوق أربعاء الغرب - Livre d'or

For high- definition systems, the video luminance sampling frequency will be Detailed specifications are available for only one high- definition system- Japan's analog MUSE transmissions- because no country has yet adopted a digital HDTV system. However, the conference assigned working groups to develop detailed specifications for new HDTV systems -one for the Grand Alliance system now undergoing tests in the United States, and another for the proposed European digital Dell Dimension 8200 LG 8482B system.

How soon, how much? Although industrial and broadcast versions of the new digital recorders could appear relatively soon, affordable consumer models could take quite a bit longer. However, it seems unlikely to achieve any great popularity in the U.

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Tape might not be the last word digital recording. The first no- moving -parts recorders for consumer use are beginning to appear. Norris Communications, of Poway, California, is planning the first deliveries this summer of a voice recorder Dell Dimension 8200 LG 8482B uses solid -state flash memory modules instead of tape. Initially, the "SoundClip" modules will have a playing time of 30 minutes, but Norris plans to extend that to minutes and eventually to offer a music recorder. In video recording, there are increasing warnings that the mechanical recording is doomed to disappear -just as the spinning disc and the mechanically rotated tuner disappeared from the television set.

Addressing a group of recording media executives, he forecast relatively rapid change to solid -state recording. With increasing sophistication of data -compression algorithms, denser and less expensive solid - state devices, and development of broadband communication into the home, mechanical recording is doomed, he said.

Microelectronics will make possible chips with "up to a billion components each" within about 15 years, Bermingham said. At some time in the future, "audio compo- Continued on page 25 11 Design and Verify Circuits. Connections are always perfect. And the simulated components and test instruments work just like the real thing. The instruments are indestructible and the parts bin holds an unlimited supply of each component.


And now the best is even better - Electronics Workbench Version 3. It simulates more and bigger circuits, and sets the standard for ease of use Guaranteed! Electronics Workbench The electronics lab in a computer- Call: Offer valid in U.

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All trademarks are the Dell Dimension 8200 LG 8482B of their respective owners. Everything works well except that I can always hear a local AM radio station from the speakers. Do you have any idea what's causing this, and can you suggest any solutions? Fishen, Albany, NY This kind of interference can be a real pain in the neck to eliminate since there are several factors that can cause it.


I can make a Dell Dimension 8200 LG 8482B suggestions, but I'm willing to bet that you'll have to do a lot of work to make it disappear completely. The problem you're having is that something in your system is acting as an antenna and introducing the AM signal into the input stage of your power amplifiers. The cable running from your distribution amplifier to the individual power amplifiers is probably a standard audio cable with a single conductor and a shield. If I'm right about that, you should replace it with two- conductor Dell Dimension 8200 LG 8482B cable and use the shield as a chassis ground.

The best way to find the source of your problem is to disconnect the inputs to the power amplifier and short them by connecting a short piece of wire from signal to ground at the back of the amplifier. If that kills the AM radio signal, you'll know that the cable from the distribution amplifier is acting as an antenna.

That means you'll have to replace the wire connecting the two. I suggest that you try replacing the cable by just placing it on the floor before you go to the trouble of routing it through the walls.

If this solves the problem, you've got some rewiring to do. If you're still getting the AM signal, then the chances are it's sneaking in through the power line. Then only way to get rid of it is to use a power -line filter.


This trap can prevent AM signals in the AC power line from getting into audio equipment. The schematic in Fig. Remember to follow proper safety Dell Dimension 8200 LG 8482B when you're working with volts AC. Put the circuit in a plastic box and be sure to ground the trap properly. AM signals are really pervasive and hard to eliminate. Dimension Dimension S. Dimension Dimension Dimension S.

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