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All of these do exactly what they say on the tin with the minimum of installation and setup. Minimum being the operative word here as they all install within minutes. This new set aims to offer all the benefits of a traditional Powerline network with the additional NETGEAR XWN5001 Adapter of a wireless access point, meaning you should be able to get to all those hard to reach areas!

Solved: Powerline XWN - NETGEAR Communities

With all these Powerline products it is now extremely easy to fully integrate the whole of your house into your home network. Gone are the days of drilling holes everywhere or having NETGEAR XWN5001 Adapter cables running around the whole house to get the internet or a network connection to non-wireless capable devices.


If like this reviewer you have lived in your house for many years, there won't be too many walls that haven't suffered from the cable butcher. With this XWNB set you now simply install one adaptor near your router and another adaptor in a room of your choice and wired and wireless access to your home network will become instantly available. Read on to see how well it does! Styling and Design The Powerline WiFi Access Point adaptors following the same smart styling and design as Netgear's previous Powerline releases, including the same decent build quality that we have become accustomed to with Netgear. Both adaptors NETGEAR XWN5001 Adapter barely bigger than a standard plug and will easy fit in a standard double wall socket or a socket extension lead without obscuring neighbouring sockets. Both adaptors have slots for ventilation as they do get slightly warm, but no more than any other plug will and definitely not at a level that would cause you a concern.

When the adaptor is powered up the Power LED will show a green light, which will then NETGEAR XWN5001 Adapter amber when it enters power saving mode, which uses less than 0. You will see a green, amber or red light which goes from a scale of over 80 Mbps link rate for green, Mbps for Amber and under 50Mpbs for red.

NETGEAR Powerline 500 XWN5001 Installation Manual: Led Descriptions

This lights up within seconds and is handy for instantly telling you the best place to put the Powerline adaptors. The final light is the Ethernet LED which is enabled when you have connected the Ethernet port to a powered-on device.

Setup As with all the recent Netgear products we have reviewed the setup and installation is a piece of cake and takes barely a couple of minutes. It is really Plug and Play at it's finest. You connect the first adaptor XAV to a socket in the same room NETGEAR XWN5001 Adapter your router and connect via the Ethernet cable and then plug in the Powerline WiFi adaptor in another room NETGEAR XWN5001 Adapter your choice.

Once both are turned on, simply press the security button on both devices for 2 seconds you have enough time to do this on both devices, it doesn't need to be done at the same time! The bit encryption is now enabled together with the Wi-Fi access point. That's really all you need to do to get your Powerline network up and running and you should no longer be griping at a poor wireless signal in distant areas of the house or having to NETGEAR XWN5001 Adapter holes or run unsightly cables to non wireless enabled devices in other rooms.

Download NETGEAR XWN Adapter Firmware for OS Independent

In line with previous Powerline products from Netgear, adding a third or more Powerline adaptor is also very simple, just plug it in and press the security button on this new device and it will connect itself to the existing Powerline network. The Wi-Fi access point adaptor also has an Ethernet port so with the enclosed 2 metre Ethernet cable you can also use it as a conventional Powerline adaptor to get the best from it. Performance and Testing Whilst Netgear quote that these are Powerline NETGEAR XWN5001 Adapter and the Powerline speed is up to Mbps, it should be noted that this combines both the uplink and downlink speeds, which therefore gives a theoretical maximum of Mbps. Whilst we can see those link rates achieved in the screenshot from the Netgear Powerline Utility shown below, you won't ever see those kind of speeds during normal use.

Netgear's explanation is that the up to Mbps speed allows for additional adaptors, so for example if you added another adaptor or two you would be able to achieve the maximum Mbps on each up to the combined uplink and down link speed of Mpbs. Personally we would much rather have seen a gigabit Ethernet port to allow you to squeeze that bit more out of it. Although very few, if any, Powerline adaptors have gigabit Ethernet ports as the manufacturers believe you won't realistically see much more than Mbps anyway. Using DUMeter software and firstly testing connected via Ethernet we can see that the full speed available from our internet connection is achieved when downloading a 1GB test file.

With a peak of 45 Mbps the file took just a couple of minutes to download. XWN – Powerline WiFi Access Point. Model / Version: XWN Downloads Documentation. New Model Search. Downloads Documentation. You must register your product before you can use NETGEAR telephone support.


The package includes a Powerline WiFi Access Point (XWN) and an Do not use adapter plugs or remove the grounding prong from a cable.

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