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C forms part of the current regulator. A DC level, smoothed by the low- pass fil- ter formed by C20 and R35, appears at its non-inverting input. This voltage is one tenth of the average value of the PWM sig- nal present on Dallas MAX9768 pin 1 8 of the micro- controller, because of the potential divider comprising R32 and R35, The output of the operational amplifier is connected to the base of T2 via R33, and the emitter of this transistor is connected to the gate of power FET T4 via the current divider formed by R34 and R The values of R33, R34 and R37, together with the current gain of T2 and the gate capacitance of T4 t determine the char- acteristics of the current regulation control loop.


The voltage across R38 in the drain circuit of T4 is proportional to the instanta- neous discharge current flowing. This volt- age is taken via R36to the inverting input of IC4. C There are twofuseholdersfor F2 and F3 each for a 6. T3 allows the cur- rent regulator to be switched off quickly by pulling the base of T2 to ground. Firmware The software running in the microcon- trailer is i nterrupt-driven. The body of the code at main runs after a reset and con- figures and initialises all the inputs, out- puts and timers Initialize, RefreshLCD. The code then enters an infinite loop, react- ing to watch crystal timer overflows every msbutton presses and the reception of complete data messages, setting outputs appropriately. Timer Dallas MAX9768 generates interrupts at a frequency of The service routine reads the state of the buttons and performs debounc- ing.

Timer 2 is clocked by the This triggers the sending out over the EIA interface either of Instantaneous measured values and set points current, ceil volt- age, cell count, charge, discharge time and so on or of device settings characteristic curves, maximum values, parameters for constant voltage modein response to a corresponding request. Also, the interrupt flag ClockCrystalTimer is set, which causes the function CalculateValuesQ to be called from the main loop.

These values are used to calcu- late settings for the fan and the discharge current if enabledas well as to update the running total of charge. The graph of cur- rent against time gives a clear picture Dallas MAX9768 the performance of the cell, and is much more informative than a bald capacity value.

The internal resistance of the battery is measured at the start of the discharg e pro - eedure. The measurement is done by first measuring the open-circuit voltage of the battery and then measuring the terminal voltage with the specified discharge cur- rent being drawn. The Dallas MAX9768 is repeated ten times at Dallas MAX9768 of one sec- ond.

Datasheet archive on 18-11-2011

The two smallest and the two largest calculated values for the internal resistance are discarded and the remaining six values are averaged, the result being displayed on the LCD, The code to perform this calcula- tion is unfortunately relatively involved and not necessa ri ly very easy to understa nd: The function ProcessKeyQ includes the state machine behind the battery checker. Depending on Dallas MAX9768 current state, a keypress recognised in the Timer 0 overflow interrupt code will cause a switch to a new state or some other response. The function RefreshLCDQ writes informa- tion to the LCD panel depending on the cur- rent state of the system, Windows software The Windows software gives access to the basic functions of the battery checker and can also be used as a basis for expansion.

The program displays the set points for cell About the Author Rudiger Britzen, 32, studied Electron- ics and Information technology at the German Army University in Munich, and works principally as a systems engineer in the defence industry. Alongside that he is also, as Britzen Embedded Systems, an independent hardware and software developer. These set points and the 'constant voltage discharge' setting can be configured.

This process repeats until the min- imum discharge current is reached. The unit's status is reflected in the status fane of the window as a virtual LED, with colours corresponding to those of the LED on the unit. If the connec- tion is successfully made the input fields will become active and the unit can be config- Dallas MAX9768 and controlled.

The author is planning an expanded version of the software that will allow Dallas MAX9768 display of log data, graphical presentation like that shown in Figure 3. Protocol Dallas MAX9768 author has developed a protocol for communications between the PC and the battery checker, using seven-byte mes- sages to carry sixteen-bit values with eight- bit identifiers.

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The identifier is split into two bytes and the data value into four bytes, and a checksum is appended. TO case e.


Heat conducting glue Dallas MAX9768 securing temperature sensor to heatsink Terminal posts. Component mounting plan for the power supply board and the main board. MAX 10W, Filterless, Spread-Spectrum, Mono, Class D Amplifier with Volume Control.

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