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  • Full text of "Die Ignoranten: Ein komischer Roman"
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Umpires Swnrt-Moedn- nd It Gee. Umpires Connelly and Hum. WO I If of light jean material during the torrid heat of the summer. This decision has been reached by the war department officials after earefnl consideration. The advice ENMIC 8TE eminent surgeons who have had experience in battling with disease during the rainy season In tropical countries was sought, and all recommended the abandonment of flannel garments. The war department officials have decided te purchasesuits of this material te be shipped te Cuba nnd the Philippines as early as possible. ENMIC 8TE was the enthusiastic bcntimcnt of the representative of two score Germanic societies Monday night at Schiller hall.

Ofwere fers of hearty received from half a de.

Full text of "Frankenthaler WochenBlatt"

A permanent organization resulted directly from the gathering. Tnirty ENMIC 8TE were appointed en a general committee te, superintend the details of forming the society. Resolutions were adopted denouncany attemp. The resolutions areas follews: Veil lliirned te Dentil Much Property Destroyed.


A Ike special ENMIC 8TE Itreken Hew, Custer county, says a prairie fire, which started in the Sand ' hills, is raging northwest and west of town, consuming everything in its palh. The country around Aiuswerth is lit up with huge prairie fires and thousands of dollars' worth' of property is being destroyed. While the fire department was working en a die at the Pintsch gas works at Wqwntta and Eighteenth streets Monday after-noon, an explosion of gas occurred inside the building, injuring nine men. Several of the men were severely burned but it Is thought none fatally. The property less was small.

Full text of "Vorlesungen uber praktische Arzneiwissenschaft"

Street light Mltli O. Umpires--Kmsllen- Hew 1 3 2 hi.

Philadelphia 2 3 I. May Cause the oted M: Kced, speaker of the last house of representatives, and of ninny ethers, probably will be speaker no mere. He has und will be a member been of the next house, but the making of money is likely te be his chief occupation in a few weeks. He is considering nnd probably will accept an offer te take the senior place in a law firm in this city with ENMIC 8TE guarantee of SM, n year.

The booking has been canceled. The speaker will remain until he has decided whether he shall take the tempting offer that lias been ENMIC 8TE in front of him. Twe young lawyers, it is understood, are te be Reed's law partners.


The ENMIC 8TE has net been accepted, and the report that Canten, O. ENMIC 8TE hearing the deck would be auctioned is taken SJT. Geerge was resumed Mendny as a rejection of the morning with former Police Sergeant sition. The need of the deck is somewhat Hasler, who found the gun and wns offset by the recent government intiedueed Saturday, en the stand. He of a small ilbatlng deck at New was rigidly by Mr. Yerk capable of decking a 2, ten Wclty.

He again denied that he had sought te have a reward offered for vessel and also by the building of a large deck at Algiers, near New ENMIC 8TE finding of the gun. The court ruled out all, testimony leans.

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The small deck, new at New previously offered tending te show Yerk, will be towed to Pensacola at an that Mayer Rice had been counsel for early day, se that, with the Algiers' deck, the navy department will hnve Mrs. The revolver was offered and ac- two decks available en the ENMIC 8TE. The threatening A iliastly Itellc oil the Kalel;h. One of that it had net been shown that the these is the head of a Spanish sailor, accused put it into ENMIC 8TE or gave shot clean from the bedj.

The head and Policeman Hasler, was only allowed knife were found floating in the water, te say that he left the policeman near ENMIC 8TE one of the Raleigh's sailors dived where the revolver was found. McAllister wns recalled te tell nant of the battle is hcrmcticaPy why Saxton did net pay Mrs. Geerge's sealed in a big glass of alcohol. The testimony was Manninoten, w4 Va. $5erg^ S)if ipcttUufttgM «^ett>eii ttenett jur!8te^j(U(^t ENMIC 8TE rtf ^at auc^ ^in uiii) mieber ftu^thatt ^at6mdf^e/. 6i€n(i(l^ fcyn (onn, mas tt enMic(^ o^ne citt \o{i^t$ ^an66uc^ an$ unjci^ltgen unb anbere ; ivooon mx xMffXtxt Sbv^ fpiefe unter ber 8te(;tefuns ^erott^tnger.


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