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With the exception of the "Monochrome" mode I haven't tried any of these effects.

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Epson Stylus Photo 1270 Printer I think many will find the monochrome mode a real "boon". May be the reports of very neutral mono prints that have been appearing in the various newsgroups and forums are down to the fact that users haven't realised that they were printing in High Speed mode. Actually short of looking at the prints with an 8X Lupe you'll not notice any real deterioration in print quality, so may be I'm being over cautious in suggesting High Speed printing is switched off. Effect Options in PhotoEnhanace4 Mode 10 Year Inks The new Ink cartridges complete with a microchip see below are designed to ensure the driver is always reflecting the estimated ink levels.

So unless you figure out a way of resetting very doubtful the microchip, then refilling the cartridge in the way we did previously is History!!! Furthermore, "if" as seems VERY likely; Epson have designed the print driver to only allow printing from a cartridge with a microchip, then alternative non-Epson pre-filled cartridges are equally doomed unless someone wants to pay Epson a License fee. Apparently all future Epson printer models will be similarly configured.


Selecting this new button is actually quite interesting because we now see the type of information being fed back to the driver there's a lot more, but not yet being used. Much has been made over recent weeks of the purpose underlying this new feature. Ink Level Information As suggested above many believe the purpose of the new "microchip" is to thwart the "refill" brigade or stop 3rd party ink manufacturers, may be it is!


However, I believe there to be message hidden deep within the new "Information dialog", the context of which may become clearer over the coming months. Cartridge Information Once you get your head round the fact that the "microchip" is not really some dastardly trick simply to prevent refilling and 3rd party ink supplies you will become more appreciative of its more useful features.

Every time I open the "Properties" tab to check the ink levels up comes another surprise, look at the following screen-grab as an example. The information that 13 prints remain is probably quite meaningless without you Epson Stylus Photo 1270 Printer that I had already put through 36 A5 7. Feedback on Pages remaining Media Of particular concern to some is the choice of "Media". In particular what options the new driver allows the user to select from. Obviously the loss of any media option could have dire consequences for those that use alternative paper choices, along with "Custom" ICC profiles.


Checkout the Media Table The new drivers are aimed firmly at the masses who much prefer as do I to play safe and use Epson's own ink and paper combinations. When the above media choices are taken in combination with the information that can be contained within the new "microchip" on the ink cartridge who knows what lovely surprises Epson have in store for us in the future. Of course there will always be those expect more for less, but the reality is, these new printers have the potential to produce exceptionally fine colour prints, and all at the Epson Stylus Photo 1270 Printer cost as their immediate predecessors. The variable dot size technology really comes into its own when printing images that have soft tones and gradations. The question now is can Epson or anyone else get it better? Short of using a 8XLupe you will not see dots.

Wilhelm Research has certified the lightfast properties of Epson's heavyweight matte paper prints at an incredible years and the glossy photo paper prints are rated at years. This is a far cry from the months for the previous inks and papers. I Epson Stylus Photo 1270 Printer, I have some well-faded inkjet prints in my living room that have been exposed to plenty of ambient Florida sunlight thanks to a pair of four-foot sliding glass doors. The new printers only generate about half the noise of the old ones, most noticeably absent is the "slapping" sounds of the head carriage as it reaches the right and left extremes. The typical Epson "pump up" cycle when the printer is powered on is still there but it too is much quieter.

Physically, the is a little bit wider than the Photo EX but not by much. The new printers have a much more sculptured look to them with lots of rounded corners and a somewhat curved paper support.

Epson Stylus Photo - printer - color - ink-jet Overview - CNET

I'm not one who cares much about looks, give me performance any day, and Epson Stylus Photo 1270 Printer new Epsons deliver the performance. It cranks out 4x6" prints faster than Epson Stylus Photo 1270 Printer Polaroid camera, how about 50 seconds! Dazzling 8xinch prints are completed in around 2 minutes and 11xinch prints take about four minutes. Of course for the absolute ultimate in detail you can turn off the high speed option and the printout times will be doubled. To insure complete cross-platform compatibility the and printers are equipped with both bi-directional parallel and high-speed USB ports. Epson has an Axis print server that allows the printer to be a true resource on an ethernet network.

The only problem so far has been getting all the parts and pieces. I am still waiting for the roll paper holder for the even though I already have five boxes of the paper. Now the cry is: open your eyes! For the excellent printouts by the new inkjet printer Epson Stylus Photo are simply photo-fantastic.

Epson Stylus Photo 1270 - printer - color - ink-jet Series

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