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Interestingly, the J10 also offers manual features such as exposure compensation and ISO ratings, normally found on a more expensive camera.

FinePix J120 (Discontinued Model)

This is great if you're wanting to try your hand out at some basic photographic skills. If these don't interest you, placing the camera in auto mode will shut these off so they can't be accessed in the menu.

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Build and handling The build quality isn't bad but let's face it, don't expect it to last. This is a camera made for the consumer that only wants a camera to look nice and they'll go and get another one when it's replaced by a newer model or if they simply tire of it.

Saying that, the camera is a solid little thing and doesn't feel Fujifilm FinePix J120 Camera the weakling you'd expect at this price point. The lens motor is quiet and while the battery is a Li-Ion type, the door covering it could be sturdier. I expect to see a plastic tripod bush on this kind of camera and the J10 hasn't let me down.

Aside from the tripod bush and price, one other thing giving you a clue that the J10 is a low end cheaper model: The USB port is exposed meaning that dust, sand or dirt could get in and clog it Fujifilm FinePix J120 Camera. The menu is extremely easy to use and it's not surprising as this is something I've come to expect from Fujifilm compacts other the years.


The different main categories are colour coded so you can start to remember them. This could be good for when you accidentally changed the language to one you don't understand and need to change it back. Shooting Fujifilm FinePix J120 Camera is green and each mode that you scroll over will be adjoined by a brief explanation of its primary function and what it can achieve. Performance Disappointing results for the shutter lag as the J10 consistently produced results of around 0. While this doesn't sound too bad, it's twice as slow Fujifilm FinePix J120 Camera other compacts on the market, so if you like taking candid pictures of the kids, then there's a greater risk of missing it.

Fujifilm FinePix J Digital Camera Batteries at Batteries Plus Bulbs

The continuous shooting mode of the Fujifilm FinePix J10 is called Top3 and on the higher specification models takes a series of continuous shots but only records the first three. The J10 is only capable of taking three images onto the buffer before it has to download and this action takes so long, the ten seconds is up. So, even though the camera can Fujifilm FinePix J120 Camera those photographs in one second giving it a 3fps result, it won't take anymore pictures until ten seconds later. Given that we measure the frames per second rating over ten seconds, this gives the camera a continuous shooting performance of 0. The colours are boosted in the primaries with all the other colours coming out nicely.


After conducting these tests, I went into the playback area to erase the images I'd taken. I don't normally comment on this, but the J10 is so slow it borders on sloth-like. I've never known a camera take so long Fujifilm FinePix J120 Camera erase an image and get back onto the next image.

The colour test chart shows a distinct boost in all the primary colours and red especially has a deep saturation to it. I like the rest of the Fujifilm FinePix J120 Camera with the earthy and mono tones nicely balanced while the skin tone has some substance it but isn't overpowering. The landscape image is nicely detailed and well balanced.

FujiFilm Finepix J120 Manuals

The lack of sunlight has reduced contrast to a minimum meaning I can't check for fringing but what I can see is minimal. On the day I took the landscape shot, it was grey and raining and miserable. The image that the J10 has produced has good colours in the grass, a balanced exposure and nice detail. Taking the rest of the test shots I was blessed with decent weather. The flower mode Fujifilm FinePix J120 Camera the colour in the frame so that colours of the flower and the plant life around it are saturated to give vivid colours to your picture.

I was worried that this could be quite sickly but it's fair to say that the boost is only subtle compared to the natural mode image of the Fujifilm FinePix J120 Camera flower. FinePix J Number of (Design rule for Camera File system compliant / DPOF -compatible) f= - mm, equivalent to 35 - mm on a 35mm l zoom‎: ‎Approx.

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