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These smart card readers are compatible when used at pre-boot time. Back then basketball games were played in the Smith Fieldhouse, where a press box was suspended above the student section. Ron found a bungee cord long enough to attach to both ends of the press box, then draped a flat auto innertube over the middle for a seat so he could put his legs through, sit on the tube, and hold on to the cord. We would pull him back as far as we could in the upper row of the student section and let him go. ID-One Cosmo

About Identity

The crowd would cheer as he shot back and forth over the students and the edge of the raised playing floor during timeouts and halftime. With MyID organisations have a best practice means of enabling employees to do their job while flowing securely through the facilities and networks where they need to go. Keys are val id until replaced Both the Crypto-Officer and the User can replace their own keys at anytime during ID-One Cosmo active life of the module or whenever they feel a key may be compromised. The new value is loaded into the card encrypted with the old key-set value using the TDES algorithm. In addition all EEPROM cells regardless of their ID-One Cosmo, are encrypted using a low level routine of the chip to protect against direct reading of the cells content.

This mechanism is outs id e of the scope of this security policy.

ADACOM eShop with SSL Certificates, Tokens and Seals Oberthur Cosmo ID-One

The keys represent the id entity of the roles involved in controlling the module. Since the module described in this security policy does not include any instantiated applets other than the Card Manager and Security Domains, security services not used by either the Card Manager or by the Security Domain are not available to any of the current operator of the module. The following describes cryptographic functions that are available to an operator as a service from the Card Manager, Security ID-One Cosmo and Applet.

The reverse direction is not encrypted; i. The concept of Delegated Management defined by Global Plat for m gives the Card Issuer the possibility of empowering partnered Applet Prov id ers the ability to initiate approved and pre-authorized Card Content changes loading, installation, extradition6 or deletion. This approval, which is central to the concept ID-One Cosmo Delegated Management, ensures that only Card Content changes that the Card Issuer Cryptographic Officer has authorized will be accepted and processed by the module. This delegation of control in the Card Content ID-One Cosmo gives the Applet Prov id er more flexibility in managing its Application.

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Delegated loading requires a pre-authorization Delegated installation requires a pre-authorization Delegated extradition requires a pre-authorization Delegated deletion no pre-authorization required The Delegated Management is based ID-One Cosmo the use of Token. A token is a cryptographic value prov id ed by a Card Issuer Cryptographic Officer as proof that a specific Delegated Management operation has been authorized. ID-One Cosmo

Delegated Management Tokens are RSA PKCS1 signatures of one or more Delegated Management functions and a hash of associated data loading application code, installing Applications and extraditing Applications generated by the Card Issuer Cryptographic Officer outs id e ID-One Cosmo the crypto module and transmitted to a user with Delegated Management privilege. The User security domain will then decrypt and verify the secure channel communication using its ID-One Cosmo.

Otherwise, it is aborted and cleared for memory. The Card Issuer's security policy may require the generation of Receipts for Delegated Management operations. The Install Receipt is comprised of data related to the delegated card content management ID-One Cosmo including Card Unique Data generated by the Card Manager. The card manager also keeps track of a Confirmation Counter value that is incremented when generating each Receipt.

Likewise, a Controlling Authority may mandate a check of application code integrity and authenticity be for e the application code is loaded, installed and made available to the Card Holder by the crypto-Officer or by a User with Delegated Management. The user first computes a SHA-1 message digest of the application that is to be subsequently loaded into the module. The result, called DAP, is sent to the ID-One Cosmo entity together with the application code itself.

The application code can be ID-One Cosmo into the module only if the verification succeeds. The Power-up self-tests include: Depending on the test that fails, the module may return an error status be for e becoming mute.


More details about all the power-up self-tests and their implementation are prov id ed in a separate conf id ential document. After generating an ECC key pair, the module per for ms a pair wise consistency check to val id ate that the generated key pair is correct for signature and verification. Continuous testing is per for med on every output of the Random Number Generators. Other statistical testing is also per for med to ensure the highest possible quality of the generated random numbers. Detailed description of the module Random Number Generator and associated tests is prov id ed in a separate document IRS. Description of the implementation of these checks is ID-One Cosmo id ed in a separate document. Oberthur Technologies of America Corp. This document may be reproduced only in its original entirety without revision.

Oberthur ID-One Cosmo v ID-One Cosmo V7-n. Smart Card Cryptographic Module.


FIPS Security Policy. Public Version.

Oberthur Technologies of America.

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