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I wonder if the OpenGL driver of Intel was developed by them or it was bought licensed from one of the famous players of the graphics market" and frequency of requests they use a tile approach for image rendering.


Intel calls it Zone Rendering, becasue the concept of tile architecture introduced so unsuccessfully by creators of the PoverVR and Kyro families yet in the times of Microsoft Talisman meant nothing else but regular buffer partitioning into equal nonoverlapping zones with independent successive rendering in each. At that time Tile meant arbitrary zones with possible Jetway BI-100 VIA IDE Controller. Probably, to avoid missmash in the cocepts or not to associate its graphics core with not very successful products KyroIntel decided to name it "Zone Rendering". As a result, most analysts and consumers do not have any idea about this peculiarity of the architecture of the graphics core integrated into the G. So, what do we get with the tile architecture let's call it this way as we got used to it in case of an integrated graphics core with shared memory?

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A lot of advantages: Considerable ecomony of the memory bandwidth only necessary texture values are Jetway BI-100 VIA IDE Controller Significant optimization of the memory access character - minimum of read-write reswitching Low requirements for a graphics core clock speed The main problem of tile architectures is transfer and binning of triangles. But in case of an integrated solution which has the whole system memory at its disposal, including geometry, this problem can be solved successfully, especially with a powerful central processor.

Besides, the bottleneck in the form of an AGP bus is lacking this time - the graphics core in the G addresses the system memory controller directly, without any virtual AGP bus and bridge.

It Jetway BI-100 VIA IDE Controller access delays much. In the extreme case the graphics core can use the whole system memory bandwidth. For further optimization of the memory access the graphics core of the G has capacious separate caches for textures and geometry, as well as a special index cache for quicker binning of polygons to tiles.


Later, having compared results of the G with classical integrated graphics cores, we will see how these Jetway BI-100 VIA IDE Controller optimizations tell upon a real core performance. The documentation on the G provides no official information on a configuration of the chip's shading pipelines, but we must take into account that in case of a tile architecture this issue can be quite complicated. For example, in some conditions the chip can shade N visible pixels per clock, and in other conditions - M pixels, and this figure can vary. On the other hand, the number of texture values sampled per clock is usually fixed even in case of tile architectures, and we can catch on this parameter. According to the test results, if we assume that the graphics core of the G works at a frequency synchronous with the memory - MHz the number of texture units are two and the number of shaded pixels Jetway BI-100 VIA IDE Controller clock is one.

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Jetway BI-100 VIA IDE Controller But remember that this pixel is always visible, i. Here and further we will give results of the GeForce2 MX for comparison. In the one-texture mode the graphics core integrated into the Intel G is edged by the MX in xx16bpp and beats it in xx32bpp, despite a smaller bandwidth!

For your extreme computing, the Intel core processor family delivers unrivaled performance and breakthrough energy efficiency, to let you enjoy revolutionary performance with vivid, high-definition experiences and multi-tasking Jetway BI-100 VIA IDE Controller by state-of-the-art Intel dual-core and quad-core technologies Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Quad and Core 2 Duo Processors. When the system senses the climbing operating temperature of CPU over the value preset, CPU Thermal Throttling Technology will narrow the operating bandwidth of CPU actively to low down the temperature to the value preset as the perfect protection system of hardware dynamic over-clocking technology.

JetWay BI-100 Free Driver Download

After all connection are made, close your computer case cover. This program is a bridge between motherboard and operating system. When you start the computer, the BIOS program gain control. The BIOS first operates an auto-diagnostic test called POST power on self test for all the necessary hardware, it detects the entire hardware device and configures the parameters of the hardware synchronization. The Main Menu allows you to select from fourteen setup Jetway BI-100 VIA IDE Controller and two exit choices. Password Settings This entry for setting Supervisor password and User password.

Load Optimized Defaults Use this menu to load the BIOS default values these are setting for optimal performances system operations for performance use. Note that the specifications of your drive must match with the drive table. The hard disk will not work properly if you enter improper information for this category. If this function is enabled and someone attempt to write data into this area, BIOS will show a warning message on screen and alarm beep. Download drivers for Jetway BI for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Jetway BI-100 VIA IDE Controller 7, Windows 98, Windows Onboard VIA IDE controller Driver, Download MB. BI Intel P35 Express Chipset +Intel ICH7 Chipset Intel LGA Core Processor.

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