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For example, I still have an older Samsung cell phone that flips open, has a terrible camera and I do NOT have a data plan on it internet.

If you are looking for a review by someone like this look elsewhere CNET, perhaps. I am just not one of them. This review is from the perspective of a regular guy that just wanted an affordable surround sound system that had Blu-ray.

Overall, the value is outstanding. You can pay the same price and get a system without blu-ray. In case you're wondering, blu-ray players also play DVD's Some stand alone blu-ray players costs hundreds of dollars LG LHB953 Home Theater System half the price of what I paid for this whole system. It's amazing how clear it is. Sometimes it actually looks like the people are right in front of you.

LG Blue Ray Surround Sound issue. - Home Theatre - Tom's Hardware

I did not realize that level of detail was even possible. This system has numerous different sound settings concert, news, drama which seems to be the one I use the mostLG LHB953 Home Theater System, etc. If I'm more focused on dialog I put it on news because it uses the center speaker almost exclusively and it's easy to hear what they are saying while I'm telling my 4 year old that she can't have 4 suckers and I'm trying to change the diaper on my toddler ie: It's kind of cool when your listening to a LG LHB953 Home Theater System deckhands talking and all the sudden out of your left back speaker you can hear a crab pot bang onto the deck.

We have contacted LG on numerous occasions due to movies freezing up while playing. The issue has even happened with new disks straight from the packaging. When calling LG to get the problem corrected they tell me that the software on the blu-ray is not new enough to play these disks but they do not have any updates to offer for the system. They only offer updates every few months so unless you plan on waiting until movies are three months past the release date I would recommend not purchasing this system. We update our system constantly just to be sure we have the most current software and still have issues. I should mention that it seems to be much worse with Universal and Disney created blu-rays and only occasionally from other movie production companies.

Disney never seems to work which is an issue for use since we have 2 small children.


Second, the side front and rear channels cut in and out. This is a problem that has developed over the last 2 months.


June 3, at 5: June 5, at Sound from 1 to 10, i say 8. I took one star away because, system software, is kind of slow, specially when initiating, that would be the only con.

LG Tv problem with LG 5.1 surround sound

In general i really like this lg system. I lived in costa rica and it cost me really ship in comparison with local market. LG LHB953 Home Theater System 6, at June 8, at The integration between the tv and receiver was a big selling point for me. However after using this sound system for a few weeks i am a bit disappointed.

The integration can be especially frustrating. If you have an lg tv and this unit, they can control each other. Turn on your receiver and the tv will turn on also. If you are LG LHB953 Home Theater System optical sound however you will have to shuffle through the inputs, even if it is already on optical. If you are playing xbox and you turn on your receiver and decide you want surround sound, it will automatically switch the tv to the receiver menu.

The settings for the home theater are located in a settings menu only accessible from the home menu which has to be accessed on the tv screen and not digitally on the box. LG LHB953 Home Theater System 10, at 1: June 12, at 1: Each speaker can be individually adjusted resulting in preferentially prefect sound. Bass is plenty powerful and the mids and highs accurate. But the system has a radio, which is a huge plus, almost negating my critique. There's a slot toward the back for the speaker wire and there's really no functional problem with the design, except it makes it a little hard to access the wires if you're moving the speakers. The center channel is also larger than we expected, coming in at Although the speaker is quite wide, it appears to have just a single driver in the middle of the unit. The subwoofer is an average size for an HTIB 8. LG's combo unit looks good when it's off, but its bright blue light on the volume knob is distracting.

Get information on the LG LHB Find pictures, reviews, and technical specifications for this LG watt home theater system.

Download LHB manuals, documents, and software. Operating Systems YouTube App No Longer Works - Soundbar, Sound Plate, Home Theater.

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