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In the third approach, you download content from the Internet. If you plan on going this route, you'd better know how to Lyra Jukebox RD2850 between various video codecs using, say, VirtualDub ; unlike Archos, RCA doesn't include video-conversion software. The manual claims that the RD supports movies encoded with DivX 4.


The Archos AV ignores such copyright protection. Unless companies start offering videos preconfigured for the RD, loading it with movies will continue to be a hassle. Lyra Jukebox RD2850 once you've managed it, you can view the player's content on its LCD or any television with a composite-video input. As for audio playback, the RD serves up the regular selection of shuffle and repeat modes, and you can browse by artist, album, song, genre, year, or filename. The screen displays loads of information, including any album art in your audio files' tags. You can transfer tracks onto the device using Windows Explorer, but you'll then have to profile the hard drive so that it can recognize the new songs.

The current firmware also cripples other features: The unit does not record to WAV, and since there's no recording-volume control, it's not ideal for live or semipro applications.

RCA - Thomson, Inc. RCA Lyra Portable 20GB Mini Jukebox - CD Players - RCA - Thomson, Inc. RD

The lack of a built-in mike means that you don't get voice-memo capability, either. Finally, the RD can accept your digital camera's memory cards. You can view the photos on the player's LCD or any television individually or in a slide show, for which you can choose accompanying music. If your camera uses Lyra Jukebox RD2850 other than Lyra Jukebox RD2850, you'll need to transfer shots from your computer to take advantage of the slide-show function. The "Preparing hard disk drive for saving settings" message occasionally appears during screen transitions and stays for up to 30 seconds; it's annoying, but at least it pops up only once per session.

The playlists can then be easily transferred and accessed on the LYRA devices. The versatile and easy-to-operate player showcases an FM tuner with record capability, enabling users to record radio segments as mp3 files Lyra Jukebox RD2850 the touch of a button. A centrally located navigation wheel and 2.

RCA Lyra RD2850 User Manual

The RD features the SmartTrax advanced navigation system, which makes content management simple. ID3 tag support stores vast music libraries by song, title, artist, album, genre or year.


When you mention MP3's to anyone their immediate thought is always going to Lyra Jukebox RD2850 IPod, just like people always call all hot tubs Jacuzzi's even though that is a brand name! There are many good MP3 players out there, and that makes it very hard to choose which MP3 player is going to be right for you. My first thoughts were that this looked like a very sleek, dare i say it "sexy" MP3 player. It's silver casing and large 2. I decided to do some more research into this MP3 player and was quite impressed with all of the specs, so I decided to part with my cash and buy the You get a bunch of accessories with the RCA Lyra. You get the charger, a USB cable so you can connect to your computer, headphones, a car adapter so you can charge your Lyra Jukebox RD2850 your car and you also get a tape adapter so if your car is equipped with a tape player you can listen to your MP3's through your car stereo or you can use an FM transmitter if you do not have a tape deck in your car You also get all of the required software so you can transfer your music to your new Music Match Jukebox is the software that comes packed with the RCA Lyra, and it makes it very easy to transfer all of your music.

You can have the software search your computer for Music files that are already on your computer or the software has a cd rip feature. The CD Rip option is very cool.

You can put your favorite cd into your cd drive on your computer and Music Match Jukebox will convert the songs on the cd to MP3 Format for you. Not only will it convert everything Lyra Jukebox RD2850 MP3 it will also Tag all of your songs with the correct artist, song title, genre and year of release, and it will sort all of the music files for you, into the categories listed above. Connecting and Transferring Files with the RCA RD Lyra Jukebox MP3 Player Connecting Lyra HD to the Computer Connect the Lyra.

Getting Started with the RCA RD Lyra Jukebox MP3 Player Computer System Requirements • Pentium III MHz or higher.

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