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Hayes's month bankruptcy reorganization ended last spring, and the company managed two profitable quarters for the year. So why does Micronics want to do a deal with Hayes? The parties have not entered into any letter of intent or binding agreement. There is still a lot of work to be done. The slot lengths 68 a through 68 n corresponds to the bandwidth allocated to the devices within the data slot section 56 of the frame and may be of varying lengths as assigned by the master transceiver 12 a. The framing control unit 32 in the slave transceivers 12 b through 12 d provide framing means such as local counters, correlators, phase lock loop Maxtech Rockwell base-R16, and phase offset detectors and controllers which allow frame synchronization between slave transceivers 12 b through 12 d and the master transceiver 12 a to be reestablished when the size or length of frame 50 is altered by the master transceiver 12 a.


Referring back to as well as FIG. Each slave transceiver maintains and tracks its state by storing its state information internally, usually in random access memory RAM Maxtech Rockwell base-R16 shown or other memory means known in the art.

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The state of each slave transceiver is further maintained and tracked by the master transceiver 12 by storing the states of the slaves in a master table which is well known in the art and which is stored in RAM. Each slave transceiver must first be registered with the master transceiver 12 before the slave transceiver may Maxtech Rockwell base-R16 in data communication with the other slave transceivers of the network. The slave transceivers 12 b through 12 d use the command slot for requesting data transmission Maxtech Rockwell base-R16 indicating its start-up on-line state, engaged state, or shut-down off-line state.

Hayes, Micronics in merger talks

The data slots are used for data transmission between the node transceivers of the network. With the above-described features of network system 10 in mind, reference is now made to FIG. As noted above, receiver 18 comprises an RF front end section 24, a pulse detector 26 operatively coupled to or associated with front end sectionand a data demodulation or processing function 28 which is operatively coupled to or associated with pulse detector The data processing function further comprises a clock recovery functiona phase offset detectorand a data recovery function The data recovery function in conjunction with the clock recovery function provides the receiver with the ability to distinguish changes associated with the pulse repetition rate and to the different modulation methods.

Receiver 18 may Maxtech Rockwell base-R16 embodied in various hardware or circuitry configurations, and is preferably embodied in a single IC device.

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Front end section 24 preferably comprises an RF switch operatively coupled to antenna 14, a first frequency Maxtech Rockwell base-R16 RF filter operatively coupled to RF switchat least one amplifier operatively coupled to RF filterand a second frequency selective filter operatively coupled to amplifier RF switch is preferably a conventional antenna switching circuit which allows antenna 14 to be shared between the receiver 18 and a transmitter 16 of a transceiver device 12 a through 12 d. Filterspreferably comprise conventional high pass or band pass LC circuit filters. Amplifier is preferably a wide band, low noise, variable gain amplifier device.


The number and type of RF filters and amplifiers employed in front end 24 Maxtech Rockwell base-R16 vary depending upon the particular application of the invention. For example, a single RF filter or could be used alone and either positioned before or after amplifier Since receiver 18 is not a narrow band device, it is possible to omit filtersfrom front end 24 to minimize cost, although the omission of filtersresults in a reduction in the overall performance of front end Receiver gain control 30 FIG. Receiver gain control 30 preferably comprises a conventional automatic gain control loop or AGCL circuit to prevent degradation of the signal-to-distortion level.

Antenna 14 is preferably a ground plane antenna having an edge with a notch operating at an ultra wideband frequency range.

By Maxtech Rockwell base-R16 of example, the antenna 14 may have a Maxtech Rockwell base-R16 range of 2. The use of such a dual antenna allows removal of RF switch and provides a corresponding reduction in losses which are associated with RF switch A dual antenna also allows variation of the impedance of the transmitter portion of the antenna without effecting the impedance of the receiver portion.

Pulse detector 26 preferably comprises an envelope detector, and more preferably comprises a detector diode-based envelope detector circuit. In this regard, pulse detector 26 includes a detector diode Maxtech Rockwell base-R16 is operatively coupled to a first amplifier and a frequency selective filter Amplifier is preferably a low noise, variable gain amplifier, and is operatively coupled to RF filter of front end section Maxtech Rockwell base-R16 A second low noise, variable gain amplifier is operatively coupled to filterand a comparator is operatively coupled to amplifier and to a reference voltage source Vref. Additional gain control in the form of an AGCL circuit not shown may be used in association with amplifier or Products 6 - 80 - Hewlett Packard 1CC1DE (base 16) Hewlett Packard Compaq Center (hex) MAX-TECH,INC 54D (base 16) MAX-TECH,INC 2F, 26, 2gil, (hex) Rockwell Automation F (base 16) Rockwell Automation 1.

Products 6 - 80 - EDB (base 16) Shenzhen ViewAt Technology Co.,Ltd. 9A,Microprofit,6th (hex) MAX-TECH,INC 54D (base 16) MAX-TECH,INC 2F,

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