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MikroTik RB493G

We will now change the Ethernet port settings to force the Ethernet port of my PC to Open Windows 10 Network Connections: This will open the Windows Run popup. Enter the same IP address You will now have 3 IP addresses listed in the 'IP addresses' box above: If you run ipconfig again in your command window, you will now see that your Ethernet has three simultaneous MikroTik RB493G Router Board addresses assigned: We'll use the Mikrotik winbox app to save the exisiting RouterOS license.

Note you cannot use the Mikrotik 'webfig' web interface to save the license: It is best to download a copy of winbox onto your PC by using the web interface of webfig to get MikroTik RB493G Router Board copy of winbox. Now that our PC is capable of talking to the X network, we will use a web browser, such as Chrome, to access the built-in 'webfig' web pages of the RBG router. Enter the URL ' MikroTik RB493G Router Board WebFig login page The default login is 'admin' and the password is empty.

Press the Login button to enter the WebFig pages. This will reboot the router and install the newest version of RouterOS.

Mikrotik RouterBoard RBG

Be patient and wait until the RBG has rebooted a couple times and you can once again log into Instead, click on 'Winbox' in the WebFig login. This will open the Winbox Windows application to its login page. Enter 'admin' as the Login, with no password, then press Connect: Please refer to our post: Using Mikrotik netinstall to install RouterOS.

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When the USAHS is first attached to the USB port of your PC, Windows 10 will automatically download and install a driver for the device - MikroTik RB493G Router Board it's important to perform this initial installation while your laptop is still connected to the Internet. Press the Windows Key, then the 'R' key, then type 'devmgmt. So under the left-hand 'Category' list, click on 'Serial'.

This will bring you to the screen to configure the serial settings: Baud isno parity, 1 stop bit, MikroTik RB493G Router Board bits and no flow control. You will see a blank window like: You will get a prompt for the MikroTik login, such as: You will get the MikroTik serial port login page: This ability to boot an image from the network PXE is the method used to install openwrt.

PXE consists of three distinct software packages that are individually MikroTik RB493G Router Board up by an existing device such as a router on a network: DHCP is likely used by every device connected to your network: TFTP can be used to transfer files between devices in other situations, however your Windows PCs are using their own built-in protocols other than TFTP to perform all file transfers on your network. In order to download the new openwrt image to the RBG, we will need an existing device on the network that serves up all three protocols above. Scroll down below the [dhcp] section of the confiig.

MikroTik RB493G Router Board [dhcp] section identifier and two added lines for the Mikrotik are highlighted below. Note the first line added is a comment starts with ';': So we will now isolate the laptop and RBG from the rest of the network by disconnecting the laptop and RBG from your existing network. Make sure the WiFi is off on your laptop too. Step 7D - Start pxesrv.


Click on the pxesrv. Note below that I have selected the It is highly advisable to try temporarily turning off your firewall if you have any problems here. If everything is setup correctly it should look like: OK trying bootp protocol OK Got IP address: OK jumping to kernel code [ 0. Atheros AR rev 2 [ 0.

Please press Enter to activate this console. Note that you may need to set dns MikroTik RB493G Router Board to get net-access while running the netbooted image. MikroTik Wireless systems, Switches, Ethernet routers, RouterBOARD The RBG has nine Gigabit ethernet ports, three miniPCI slots, and two switch chips,  Suggested price‎: ‎$ RBG includes RouterOS - the operating system, which will turn this powerful system into a highly sophisticated router, firewall or bandwidth manager.


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