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Moxa China Shanghai office Toll-free: Introduction 1 to Redundancy Protocol Setting up Redundancy Protocol on your network helps protect critical links against failure, protects against network loops, and Moxa ICS-G7828A Switch network downtime at a minimum. Redundancy Protocol allows you to set up redundant loops in the network to provide a backup data transmission route in Moxa ICS-G7828A Switch event that a cable is inadvertently disconnected or damaged.


This is a particularly important feature for industrial applications, since it could take several minutes to locate the disconnected or severed cable. For example, if the Moxa switch is Moxa ICS-G7828A Switch as a key communications component of a production line, several minutes of downtime could cause a big loss in production and revenue. The Moxa switch supports three different protocols to support this Redundancy Protocol function: The following table lists the key differences between the features of each protocol. Use this information to evaluate the benefits of each, and then determine which features are most suitable for your network.

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Up to 5 sec. Turbo Ring refers to the original version of Moxa s proprietary redundant ring protocol, which has a recovery time of under ms. Turbo Ring V2 refers to the new generation Turbo Moxa ICS-G7828A Switch, which has a recovery time of under 20 ms for Fast Ethernet ports and under 50 ms for Gigabit Ethernet ports. Turbo Chain is a new Moxa ICS-G7828A Switch proprietary protocol with unlimited flexibility that allows you to construct any type of redundant network topology. The recovery time is under 20 ms for Fast Ethernet ports and under 50 ms for Gigabit Ethernet ports.

To achieve a recovery time under 50 ms in a Gigabit Turbo Chain, we recommend using a Gigabit fiber port as Head port. In this manual, we use the terminology Turbo Ring and Turbo Ring V2 to differentiate between rings configured for one or the other of these protocols.

In fact, Ethernet is often used to integrate video, voice, and high-rate industrial application data Moxa ICS-G7828A Switch into one network. With Gigabit Turbo Ring, if any segment of the network gets disconnected, your automation system will be back to normal in less than ms Turbo Ring or 50 ms Turbo Ring V2.

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However, firmwares released before edition 5. Doing so will increase the bandwidth of the backbone, and also provide redundancy. For example, suppose that two physical ports, 1 and 2, are trunked to form trunk group Trk1, and then Trk1 is set as Moxa ICS-G7828A Switch Turbo Ring path.


If port 1 gets disconnected, the remaining trunked port, port 2, will share the traffic. If ports 1 and 2 are both disconnected, then Turbo Ring will create a backup path within ms.

Moxa ICS-G7828-20GSFP-4GTXSFP-4XG-HV-HV Managed network switch Grey network switch

Turbo 2 Ring The following topics are covered in this chapter: The Turbo Ring and Turbo Ring V2 protocols identify one switch as the master of the network, and then automatically block packets from traveling through any of the network s redundant loops. In the event that one branch of the ring Moxa ICS-G7828A Switch disconnected from the rest of the network, the protocol automatically readjusts Moxa ICS-G7828A Switch ring so that the part of the network that was disconnected can reestablish contact with the rest of the network. Select any two ports as redundant ports.

Connect the redundant ports to form the Turbo Ring. The user does not need to configure any of the Moxa ICS-G7828A Switch as the master to use Turbo Ring or Turbo Ring V2.

MOXA ICS-G7826A/G7828A Switches

If none of the switches in the ring is configured as the master, then the protocol will automatically assign master status to one of the switches. In fact, the master is only used to identify which segment in the redundant ring acts as Moxa ICS-G7828A Switch backup path.

In the following subsections, we explain how the redundant path is Moxa ICS-G7828A Switch for rings configured for Turbo Ring, and Turbo Ring V2. Ring Coupling Configuration For some systems, it may not be convenient to connect all devices in the system to create one BIG redundant ring, since some devices could be located in a remote area. 24G+4 10GbE-port Layer 2/Layer 3 full Gigabit managed Ethernet switches The ICS-GA Series is equipped with 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports plus up to 4 The ICS-GA/ GA series full Gigabit backbone switches are equipped with 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports plus up to 4 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and the.

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