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Debian HCL - MSI / Ultra (MSI-MSI)

MSI PR200 AMI The black plastic might a bit too rough for some people, but at least it looks and feels very durable. On the sides you'll find the bare essentials: The audio connectors are placed on the front side guess what, they're black too. This is not the best place for them, especially if you're gonna use VoIP frequently or watch movies on the road less likely considering size and battery life. Surprisingly, there's no memory card reader. Some users might miss it, but very few people will miss the modem connector which is also absent.

And here's the full frontal shot, or full bottom shot. Note the fan intake.


It's not too loud to begin with, but you can jump to silent MSI PR200 AMI and reduce the CPU frequency on some SKUs, thus keeping the machine silent. The battery is rather compact, a 6-cell mAh unit. Once you click it in there's still some slack, but not too much.


It performed well, managing just over two hours 2: Keyboard and Touchpad Moving MSI PR200 AMI to the really important aspects of the unwilling test subject, Amilo's input devices, or should we say, the charcoal keyboard and touchpad. The keyboard layout is good; furthermore it just feels right under your fingers and this is far more important. You can easily get used to a clumsy layout, but never to poor quality. It might have been just a tad less soft, but this is no big deal. The enter key is quite large, and so are the Shift and Control keys. This leaves us with very little to whine about and we hate when that happens.

Ah, the cursor keys could have been a bit bigger. They're narrow, placed closely together and that's about it. MSI PR200 AMI else is spot on. The touchpad, on the other hand, leaves much to be desired. It's huge, but also a bit slow for our liking, it just needs some time getting used to. You won't get used to the lack of a scroll bar MSI PR200 AMI easily, especially if you've used a notebook with a scroll bar earlier.

The touchpad buttons are, however, first class. They're large and they feel sturdy, but they don't make up for the aforementioned shortcomings.

How to flash the BIOS

With the keyboard and the touchpad out of the way, let's take a look at the rest of the features you're likely to need in everyday use. You needn't worry about connectivity. One thing you should keep in mind is that there's no modem on this thing. So, if you're likely to travel to a Third World country, you should consider this as a drawback. In case you travel a lot, a All four USBs are on the right hand side, so if you're gonna connect a mouse you'll have to stretch the cable behind the Amilo. On the upside, the other devices you connect to it won't impede your work if you're using a mouse, leaving the right side free of any cables. The dual layer optical MSI PR200 AMI looks nice, it's well hidden, but it's also a bit noisy. With a GB hard drive, there's plenty of storage and there's really no reason to rely on DVDs, anyhow.

The speakers aren't great, but in all honesty they're no worse than on most low-cost notebooks. Multiprocessor speed-up is 1.

Then came the rock upon which this poor little notebook PC almost foundered. I was later to thank my lucky stars for having done just that. When I restarted MSI PR200 AMI machine, I discovered signs of serious issues. But alas, I did, and once again permitted the reflash to skip the same two BIOS regions it had skipped on the first flash. The result was a somewhat more stable, but still noticeably flaky system. After noodling around and trying and failing with about half-a-dozen more third party tools did my research lead me to learn that wholesale BIOS rewrites are easier to force from a DOS boot, using ruder, cruder, and more powerful flashing tools at the command line in that environment.

I got fed up enough with the lack of clear, cogent information on exactly how to do this MSI PR200 AMI I wound up going to instructables. I was back in business with the updated functionality the BIOS version description had promised working as advertised. But wow, did that take a long time and give me a big scare… At one point, I was researching vendors who could send me a replacement BIOS chip, having read enough horror stories about the issues that a corrupted BIOS chip can cause to think an outright replacement might be called for. Thank goodness, that turned out to be unnecessary. In the meantime, what with all the hangs, crashes, and app problems the balky BIOS caused while I was troubleshooting and experimenting have caused the System Reliability Index on this machine to fall from an acceptable 8.


Version. Release Date. File Size. MB. Description. Fix the system hanged on POST with CPU X Note. Ver for Vista.

MSI PR200 AMI Bios 3.48

Flash AMI UEFI BIOS by USB Disk Under DOS Mode. 1. Know your model number. a. Open your case and look for the MS-XXXX number and the version  Missing: PR

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