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The Bullx system is based on blade servers. Using blades is the most efficient way of building large-scale parallel systems.

They are both easier to install and maintain compared to separate servers, according to Gallo. When it comes to ARM processors, Cavium is one of the top contenders trying to take on Intel Xeons and the company is coming straight at the future Skylake Xeons with its second generation ThunderX2 chip, which was announced in Juneit is ratcheting up the memory bandwidth and cranking up the core count as well as switching to a new homegrown ARMv8 core that has out-of-order execution BULL Bullx blade can run at up to 3 GHz. BULL Bullx blade top-end core ThunderX2 will deliver about twice the integer and floating point performance as the core ThunderX that preceded it, and will also have about twice the memory bandwidth, too. Cavium is shrinking the L3 cache and pumping up the cores to get a better balance.

  • Bullx HPC eXtreme computing technology
  • Bull Selects Mellanox EDR Gb/s InfiniBand Technology for Blade System
  • The Bull bullx systems
  • BSC’s Mont Blanc 3 Puts ARM Inside Bull Sequana Supers

For the rack systems QDR Infiniband see the Infiniband page is available as an interconnection medium. Each 1U BULL Bullx blade contains three compute nodes, except for GPU-based blades which contain one node. The switch cabinet provides internal connections within the cell through copper cables and external connections through optical cables.


In each 1U blade, a cold plate with active liquid flow cools all hot components by direct contact — the sequana compute blades contain no fan. Bull Extreme Computing solutions are based on bullx, a range of innovative systems designed for uncompromised performance, which BULL Bullx blade gained worldwide recognition. The bullx blade system has been named as "Best HPC server product or technology" by the editorial team at HPCwire, and the readers of HPCwire have also ranked it as one of the "Top 5 new products or technologies to watch. ITWorld DealPost: The best BULL Bullx blade tech deals and discounts.

Lever Set: Screw Set: Front Fuse: Rear Fuse: Brushless Main Motor: Servo Pushrod Set: IBM announces supercomputer to propel sciences forward BULL Bullx blade professionals predict Watson technology to transform education industry Intel celebrates 40 years of digital revolution You can travel there in reality, but the journey will be lengthy and rather warm at the end. Yesterday D-Wave Systems announced it ha Read more….

Bull launches 'green' supercomputer InfoWorld

BULL Bullx blade What will scientific computing at scale look like in ? The videos have been rendered, the statistics compiled, and the story lines set. MLPerf today launched a benchmark suite for inferencing, v0. The new inferencing benc Read more….


The bullx also comes with integrated protection against short bursts electrical power. That means customers BULL Bullx blade have to use uninterruptible power supplies, which make the data center less energy efficient, Gallo said.

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bullx blade system. Chassis bullx blade The bullx blade chassis can host up to 18 compute blades in 7U.

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It also contains the first-level interconnect. The bullx B compute blade was designed with HPC in mind.

The bullx blade chassis can host up to 18 single-width bullx B BULL Bullx blade Compute Blades (NCB) in 7U. The bullx blade chassis provides a peak performance of up to Tflops with Nehalem-EP processors (Intel® Xeon®

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