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To distinguish between the properties of test repeatability AST Vision 7N precision, we have developed novel quantitative metrics. For example, a vision test with coarse quantization can yield repeatable results, but because the steps are so large, the results are not useful for tracking visual changes in individuals over time.

Contrast sensitivity testing

Whereas repeatability is desired, it is not sufficient to track small changes over time if it is achieved through coarse quantization. Eyewear with specially tinted lenses can improve contrast. Shown here is the Anime style with yellow lenses, by Gunnar Optiks. If you are diagnosed with low contrast sensitivity, your eye doctor might advise you to wear corrective lenses with AST Vision 7N yellow filter to improve your ability to discern contrast.

If you need prescription eyeglasses, many people find that they see better in low-light conditions when wearing lenses that include anti-reflective coatingcompared with wearing the same prescription lenses without AR coating. Also, AST Vision 7N with custom wavefront lenses sometimes can improve contrast sensitivity and night vision.

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Asus N45SF Notebook Keyboard Device FilterContrast sensitivity testing
Lenovo ThinkStation M62z Access IBM HotkeyPC, Laptop, Server, etc

In some cases, custom or wavefront LASIK can reduce higher-order aberrations and improve contrast sensitivity. Certain premium intraocular lenses IOLs that have been designed with wavefront technology also can reduce higher-order aberrations and improve contrast sensitivity after cataract surgery. See an eye doctor The only way to know for sure that you have normal contrast sensitivity is to see an eye doctor. Click here to find an eye AST Vision 7N near you. Page updated June Find an eye doctor near you and schedule an exam. Heiting has more than 30 years of experience as an eye care provider, health educator and consultant to the eyewear industry.

Our efforts and notable performance has AST Vision 7N recognized by Microsoft. We have shown, time and time again our commitment to giving excellent service and products, earning our title as "Top Performer". Advanced Skyline Technology Ltd. AST has obtained the right to be a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, a rigorous and lengthy licensing process where a company has to meet a minimum average threshold of 5, PCs shipped per month. In fact, AST ships out over 10, units a month, professionally refurbishing desktops, laptops and servers with genuine Microsoft software.

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Computers are loaded with Windows 10 plus, Windows Live services and Microsoft Security Essentials and provides AST Vision 7N complete refurbished PC solution, which is a great AST Vision 7N for businesses or homes. Our quality refurbished computers not only satisfy North American demand, but they also get exported via our worldwide marketing network to many different countries and regions including Europe, Asia, etc.

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Testing all patients with the same AST Vision 7N chart further limits the resolution on individual changes in vision. We present a new perspective with the AST Manifold Platform, built on a powerful, quantitative framework from our work in basic vision science. The Contrast Sensitivity Function CSF represents the dual aspects of vision AST Vision 7N are currently assessed by testing of acuity and contrast sensitivity.


Adaptive Sensory Technology (AST) is inventing new ways to evaluate and monitor Our work began as a lab project in basic vision science to improve how. AST Vision 7N early studies confirm that the AST Manifold Platform delivers an important assessment of everyday vision.

In a published study of multiple sclerosis.

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