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Nikon Coolpix 3200 - Digital Camera

Good overall color and resolution, but way too Nikon COOLPIX 3200 contrast. The extreme tonal range of this image makes it a tough shot for many digicams, which is precisely why I set it up this way, and why I shoot it with no fill flash or reflector to open the shadows.


The object is to hold both highlight and shadow detail without producing a "flat" picture with muddy colors, and the Coolpix had a hard time with the harsh lighting. In order to get good midtones, I Nikon COOLPIX 3200 to sacrifice quite a bit of highlight detail. The Manual setting also produced good results, but with a slight warm cast. Though overly bright in the highlights, Marti's skin tones look pretty good. The blue flowers in the bouquet are almost exactly right, with just hints of purple in their petals. This is a difficult blue for many digicams to get right, but the Coolpix does pretty well with it. The red flowers in the bouquet have a magenta tint, but the strong green foliage and yellow flower look good.

Detail is strong and resolution is high, with good detail and low noise in the shadows.

Recommendation As one of the smallest Coolpix models in the line, the Nikon melds the power of a Nikkor 3x optical zoom lens, a 3. Automatic exposure control Nikon COOLPIX 3200 the camera take charge of all the picky details, although a handful of exposure options provides creative tools when you need them. With its diminutive dimensions, the Coolpix is great for travel, and the range of preset shooting and framing modes anticipates most Nikon COOLPIX 3200 shooting conditions. The 2, x 1,pixel maximum resolution is high enough for making 8xinch photographic prints, while the xpixel resolution setting is perfect for sending email attachments over the Internet.


The uncomplicated user interface means you won't spend much time learning the camera. Perfect for novice users or anyone looking for a point-and-shoot camera with a few extra features and great ease of use, the Coolpix could also serve as a great take-anywhere snapshot camera for more advanced shooters. Nikon COOLPIX 3200

Digital Cameras - Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

Design With its tiny dimensions, the Nikon Coolpix could almost hide behind a credit card it's just a little taller. Though the camera body has a few protrusions, they're slight enough to avoid hanging Nikon COOLPIX 3200 pockets, especially when combined with the smooth contours that define the camera. Despite its size, the Coolpix fit my hand surprisingly well, though I highly recommend making use of the included wrist strap.

The Coolpix 's duotone silver body is modern and chic. High quality Nikkor optics and a 3.

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The Coolpix measures 3. The photo inset above right shows the posed with an SD memory card, to give you a sense of the camera's overall size.

Nikon Coolpix 3200

Although it is very similar to the CoolPixand would appear to be a straight-over upgrade, there are a few differences to note. The camera's front panel contains the 3x zoom lens, built-in flash, optical viewfinder window, and the self-timer lamp. The self-timer lamp also serves as an Nikon COOLPIX 3200 autofocus assist illuminator, and it has been moved from left of the flash to right under the flash, perhaps to guard against the user's accidentally covering it with a finger. A shutter-like lens cover protects the lens when not in use, and automatically slides out of the way Nikon COOLPIX 3200 the camera is powered on eliminating the hassle of keeping track of a lens cap. A curved, sculpted ridge beneath the Shutter button acts as a finger grip, and comfortably aligns your fingers as they wrap around the camera.

On the right side of the camera is the Secure Digital SD memory card compartment and an eyelet for attaching the wrist strap.

Nikon Coolpix Specs - CNET

The SD card compartment door opens toward the back of the camera, and is hinged to Nikon COOLPIX 3200 camera body so that it can open as wide as necessary to access the card. The card releases with a downward press. Also visible from this side is the spring-loaded cord door that moves up and out of the way to make room for the cord when using the optional AC adapter pack. On the opposite side of the camera is the connector compartment, protected by a rubbery cover that remains attached to the camera.

The used a DC jack on this side, but this has been eliminated with the introduction of the new adapter design. Slim body with light weight; Easy-to-see user interface for smoother operation; mode dials and controls located on the back of the camera Nikon COOLPIX 3200 easy access; Large.

Auto, Scene Assistance (Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Night portrait), Scene (Party/Indoor, Beach/Snow, Sunset, Dusk/Dawn, Night landscape, Close up, Museum  Effective pixels‎: ‎ million (total pixels: m.

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