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Lastly, could the 1 or 2 of the additioinal black leads be used for sensing an 8 plug EPS12V plug, rather than a 6 pin one. Maybe someone with in depth knowledge of the ATX12 V2. Any PowerSpec 5781 VGA ideas why the engineers would add 2 black return leads to the connector, and say it will now handle an additional Watts?


JohnnyLucky Jan 30,5: The PowerSpec 5781 VGA two additional ground wires instead of a ground and a lead were added in the PCI-e version 2. One of the two additional ground wires also functions as a sensor. This all happened in when Nvidia and ATI were about to introduce really power hungry video cards.

I tried to dig deeper into the ATX 2. A point of note for all is that the 18 gauge wire used PowerSpec 5781 VGA these power connectors theoritically can carry a max of 10 Amps of current.

I had read somewhere that the PCI-E 8 pin connector carries 4. Still 4 amps is very conservative and not anywhere near a point requiring adding additional wires. All of this may be moot in the overall scheme of knowing that a PCI-E 6 or 8 pin connector should supply adequate power to the newer graphics cards, but it is interesting to try to understand the engineer's reasoning for making changes. JohnnyLucky PowerSpec 5781 VGA 31,1: I've never found complete, detailed atx specifications on the web. The information is in bits and pieces in the form of excerpts or discussions.

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Nvidia and ATI pushed for the increased current because they were getting ready to introduce power hungry video cards. If memory serves, Nvidia came up with the two additional ground wires.

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It's not much different from Intel's push for the original atx standard. The Intel cpu's were running hotter and hotter.

Back then the cpu's did not have heatsinks and cases did not have much in the way of fans. Intel specified the power supply should be located PowerSpec 5781 VGA the cpu because the psu fan could help cool the cpu. When the horizonal desktop pc's were converted to vertical towers the power supplies wound up in the top rear of the cases.


There have been a lot of changes since then. The current movement is heading in the opposite direction. PowerSpec 5781 VGA push for energy efficiency as a way to reduce costs in the corporate arena has resulted in components that use less energy.


The movement also resulted in benefits for gamers and enthusiasts. Question regarding the PCI-E graphics card accessory power cables. The 6 pin PCI-E cable has 3 12V lines (yellow) and 3 PowerSpec 5781 VGA return lines (black) and is rated for an additional 75 watts PowerSpec 5781 VGA power for the card. However, the 8 pin PCI-E cable has 3 12V lines and 5 ground return Missing: ‎ ‎Must include: ‎ Fastest Single GPU Graphics Card Launched · Zalman ZM-VPM1: VGA Power Consumption Meter · More Power With EVGA Power g: PowerSpec ‎

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