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Usually the black screen or reboot would happen very soon after intense activity such as the video card and CPU mining all day when I'm at Sager NP8657 Creative Audio - restarting manually immediately after stopping mining usually allows me to work uninterrupted for a couple of hours, but it would lock up at some point.


The curious thing is, the pc can run for hours straight at load when mining note that I switch off the monitor during this timebut would invariably crash when I'm interacting with the system on minimal load. This is pointing to some sort of hardware problem Sager NP8657 Creative Audio think. I'm hoping it's not the motherboard. If this box is checked and clicking on it does not change anything then that means your CPU does not support turbo boost. If this box is grayed out, that means the bios has locked this feature so it can not be turned on and off which is common for most laptops. This signal is what initiates thermal throttling so the CPU can slow Sager NP8657 Creative Audio and keep from over heating.

Very few laptops seem to use this type of throttling. This feature was added for the Asus G Disabling this will allow your CPU to continue to run at full speed. Disabling this will not prevent your CPU from thermal throttling at its normal Intel set thermal throttle temperature. By default this is locked and you will need to go into the Options window Sager NP8657 Creative Audio unlock it so you can toggle it on and off.

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The Intel publicly available documentation does Sager NP8657 Creative Audio fully explain this feature. On a Core 2 CPU, using this feature will cause the average multiplier to randomly hunt up and down at idle. Disable this if you want to avoid that.

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The log is only updated Sager NP8657 Creative Audio your hard drive once per minute so you will need to exit ThrottleStop to make sure all data gets written to the log file. More Data will sample the performance of your computer approximately 8 times a second instead of the usual once per second. This can be used with the Log File option so you can go back and see exactly what your CPU was doing. Monitoring Panel The monitoring area on the right hand side of ThrottleStop consists of 6 columns. FID stands for Frequency Identifier.

This is also commonly referred to as the multiplier that your CPU is using.

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ThrottleStop uses high performance timers within the CPU and can very accurately calculate the average multiplier during each 1 second sample period. If during the previous 1 second, the CPU spent half of its time using the 10 Sager NP8657 Creative Audio and the other half of the time using the 11 multiplier, ThrottleStop would report that as The multiplier can be changing hundreds of times a second within a CPU so reporting the average multipiler will accurately tell you exactly how your CPU is performing.

Sager NP8657 Creative Audio idle or when a CPU is lightly loaded, CPU-Z does not follow this method so you will likely see some disagreement between these 2 programs.

CPU-Z does this for more consistent validations. This number is an approximation only. This sensor is designed to count down towards zero as the CPU heats up. Intel designed their processors so thermal throttling starts when this sensor reaches zero on any core.


By clicking on the Sager NP8657 Creative Audio button, you can convert this data to an approximate core temperature value. Max keeps track of either your hottest core temperature Sager NP8657 Creative Audio how close you got to the thermal throttling point. The CLR button at the bottom will clear this saved data. Save will save any changes you have made to ThrottleStop so any changes you have made can be restored the next time you start ThrottleStop.

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Batt displays the battery level of your laptop. Right Mouse Click Menu Options: Free Download Sager NP Creative Audio Driver for Windows 10 bit (Sound Card).

Sager NP Creative Audio Driver for Windows 10 bit. 54 downloads Sager NP Creative Audio Driver for Windows 7 bit.

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