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January 7, I'm starting physical therapy assistant school this month, and as such, I wanted a laptop to take to school with me.


Here are some Samsung NP300V5A-A08US Elantech Touchpad the pros and cons as I have seen: This laptop looks quite stylish and very professional. Joking aside, this processor is more than fast enough for normal usage. In my opinion, any more RAM would be virtually pointless on this machine. The only reason I can think of that you would need more is for intensive video editing, but without a dedicated GPU, this laptop isn't really designed for such purposes anyways.


Don't expect to max out Battlefield 3 or even play on low settings with a comfortable frameratebut, benchmarks have shown that many modern games are playable on low settings with FPS. Older games should run even better. If you want better sound, get some headphones. It seems that when you are buying a laptop, you're making a sacrifice as far as the keyboard goes no matter which laptop you buy since a traditional desktop keyboard is much thicker and has much more tactile feedbackbut the chicklet keyboard in this laptop works quite well and I can type with relative ease. If you reformat the laptop to install Windows 7, make sure you install the latest touchpad drivers from Samsung NP300V5A-A08US Elantech Touchpad so that can get "Palm Tracking", the feature that will disable the touchpad temporarily after any key is pressed more on that later.

It can look a little "oily" in certain lighting conditions. I feel that it would look much better if it were a flat surface and did Samsung NP300V5A-A08US Elantech Touchpad have all of the ridges. That said, it's certainly not terrible, and I can live with it. Some people seem to really like the way it looks, so it's just personal preference. However, given the fact that this is one of my only "cons", please do not let this deter you from purchasing this laptop.

Elan touchpad driver incompatibility (Samsung laptop) Solved - Windows 10 Forums

However, I am finding that I usually do not open Samsung NP300V5A-A08US Elantech Touchpad laptop's screen up all the way anyways, so it is more of a non-issue. My old Inspiron could open a full degrees -- why you would ever need that much is beyond me, but going from that, to this, was a bit of a shock at first. I would imagine that most people wouldn't even notice and that the angle that it CAN open up to is perfectly adequate. There are a lot of additional programs and features installed which I feel are completely unnecessary and seem to be shells over built-in Windows functions.

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However, this was not as much of an issue for me since I reformatted and installed Windows 7, only installing Samsung NP300V5A-A08US Elantech Touchpad drivers and software that I wanted. Speaking of bloatware, Samsung's "Easy Settings" is somewhat of a necessary evil because it's required in order for the Fn keys to work such as the brightness and sound Fn key shortcuts. In and of itself, Easy Settings isn't all that bad, but one "feature" of Easy Settings that I particularly despise is how it splashes a giant caps lock notification onto your screen whenever the caps lock is enabled or disabled. Why not make it an option to enable or disable notifications such as this?

Alas, I do not know.


It seems like many software devs just make the assumption that their consumers want it "as simple as possible" and do not think that providing options is a good Samsung NP300V5A-A08US Elantech Touchpad. And for many people, this may be a complete non-issue, but for me, it's an annoyance. Especially if I'm playing a game in which I use caps lock. I'm still looking into a way to disable the caps lock notification while keeping Easy Settings so that I can use the function Samsung NP300V5A-A08US Elantech Touchpadbut one surefire way to disable the notification is to simply uninstall Easy Settings.

I picks up the Samsung NP300V5A-A08US Elantech Touchpad and clacks of the keyboard and mouse buttons very well, but I have to basically yell for my voice to be heard at all. Even putting my mouth right up to the mic hole doesn't seem to make a big difference. However, I since Samsung NP300V5A-A08US Elantech Touchpad have reformatted and reinstalled Windows 7, I have not yet installed the Realtek sound driver, so it's possible that that may fix my issue. I will update this review after I have downloaded and installed the driver with results. If the mic is no better, I would say that unless having a good integrated mic is a big deal to you, don't let this bother you.

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If you use a mic that much, it would be better to get a cheap external mic anyways. As I mentioned above, the elan touchpad driver installed on this laptop features Palm Tracking.

Driver Samsung Np305e5a

Whenever you hit a key on the keyboard, Palm Tracking automatically disables the Samsung NP300V5A-A08US Elantech Touchpad so that you don't accidentally jump the cursor and start typing somewhere else or lose focus on the current window. In general, this is a fantastic feature and allows you to rest your hands on the laptop while typing, but Samsung NP300V5A-A08US Elantech Touchpad are a few circumstances when I would want to disable it i. Free Download Samsung NPV5A-A08US Elantech Touchpad Driver for Windows 7 (Keyboard & Mouse). Samsung NPV5A-A08US Elantech Touchpad Driver for XP.

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