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They put it on the back of a monstrous tortoise, and there they let the matter end. If every animal in nature had been called upon, they would have been no nearer a foundation. Most ancient peoples, indeed, made no effort to find a foundation. The universe was a very compact little structure, mainly composed of the earth and the great Seanix Galiano Audio over the earth which they called the sky. They left it, as a whole, floating in nothing. And in this the ancients were wiser than they knew. Things do not fall down unless they are pulled down by that mysterious force which we call gravitation.

The earth, it is true, is pulled by the sun, and would fall into it; but the earth escapes this fiery fate by circulating at great speed round the sun.

The stars pull each other; but it has already been explained that they meet this by travelling rapidly in gigantic orbits. Yet we do, in a new sense of the word, need foundations of the universe. Our mind craves Seanix Galiano Audio some explanation of the matter out of which the universe is made. For this explanation we turn to modern Physics and Chemistry. Both these sciences study, under different aspects, matter and energy; and between them they have put together a conception of the fundamental nature of things which marks an epoch in the history of human thought. You can grind a piece of stone into dust. You can divide a spoonful of water into as many drops as you like. Apparently you can go on dividing as long as you have got apparatus fine enough for the work. But there must be a limit, these Greeks said, and so they supposed that all matter was ultimately composed of minute particles which were indivisible.

That is the meaning of the Greek word "atom. We know to-day that matter is composed of atoms. But science was then so young that the way in which the Greeks applied the idea was not very profound. A Seanix Galiano Audio or a gas, they said, consisted of round, smooth atoms, which would not cling together.


Then there were atoms with rough surfaces, "hooky" surfaces, and these stuck Seanix Galiano Audio and formed solids. The atoms of iron or marble, for instance, were so very hooky that, once they got together, a strong man could not tear them apart. The Greeks thought that the explanation of the universe was that an infinite number of these atoms had been moving and mixing in an infinite space during an infinite time, and had at last hit by chance on the particular combination which is our universe.

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This was too simple and superficial. The idea of atoms was cast aside, only Seanix Galiano Audio be advanced again in various ways. It was the famous Manchester chemist, John Dalton, who restored it in the early years of the nineteenth century. He first definitely formulated the atomic theory as a scientific hypothesis. The whole physical and chemical science of that century was now based upon the atom, and it is quite a mistake to suppose that recent discoveries have discredited "atomism. No one has ever seen an atom. Even the wonderful new microscope which has just been invented cannot possibly show us particles of matter which are a million times smaller than the breadth of a hair; for that is the size of atoms.

We can weigh them and measure them, though they are invisible, and we know that all matter is composed of them. It is a new discovery that atoms are not indivisible. They consist themselves of still smaller Seanix Galiano Audio, as we shall see.

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But the atoms exist all the same, and we may still say that they are the bricks of which the material universe is built. The modern theory of the structure of the atom is largely due to him.

He revolutionised physics with his electro-magnetic theory of light, and practically all modern researches have had their origin, direct or indirect, Seanix Galiano Audio his work. Together with Faraday he constitutes one of the main scientific glories of the nineteenth century. As a rule, two or more atoms first come together to form a larger particle, which we call a "molecule. For example, three atoms of oxygen form what we call ozone; two atoms of hydrogen uniting with one atom of oxygen form water.

It Seanix Galiano Audio molecules that form the mass of matter; a molecule, as it has been expressed, is a little building of which atoms are the bricks. In this way we get a useful first view of the material things we handle.


In a liquid the molecules of the liquid cling together loosely. They remain together as a body, but they roll over and away from each other. There is "cohesion" between Seanix Galiano Audio, but it is less powerful than in a solid. Put some water in a kettle over the lighted gas, and presently the tiny molecules of water will rush through the spout in a cloud of steam and scatter over the kitchen. Eduardo Galeano (Relatos). Demócrito Leucipo Epicuro. Loading Unsubscribe from Demócrito Leucipo Missing: Seanix. Seanix driver. Seanix Sound Card Drivers. This site maintains listings of sound card drivers available Seanix Galiano Audio the web, organized by company.

Includes Seanix Sound Card Drivers - 63 drivers found Galiano driver, galiano_sound_9x_me_.

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