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Ever since I got my DLI'd been transferring pictures to my computer via a cable connected to the camera, but it was slow and cumbersome. I wanted an easier, faster way to transfer pictures to my computer, and the SmartDisk FlashPath SmartMedia looked like it might be the answer.

SmartMedia SmartDisk Flash Path Memory Card Reader Floppy Disk Adapter

After using the FlashPath for a few days, I found it had exceeded my expectations, and so I thought I'd share my experiences with other potential buyers who were considering getting one themselves. Since I use both a Macintosh system and a Windows system, a comparison describing how the adapter SmartDisk FlashPath SmartMedia in both environments might prove to be useful information to DCRP readers. At the time, I bought the FujiFilm version of the adapter because it was more widely available and it was a little less expensive than either of the Toshiba and Olympus versions I'd found online. Regardless of the brand, however, they're all exactly the same, including the driver software; only the packaging SmartDisk FlashPath SmartMedia branding on the adapter are different. The adapter is designed to work with both Windows and Macintosh platforms, provided you've installed the appropriate version of the driver software for your system.

All of the digital camera vendors who offer the FlashPath adapter have download pages on their websites where users can obtain the latest versions of the driver software, or you can go directly to the OEM manufacturer's download page to download the latest versions.

SmartMedia SmartDisk Flash Path Memory Card Reader Floppy Disk Adapter eBay

The FlashPath adapter is a 3. Manufactured by SmartDisk Corporation for FujiFilm, Toshiba, Olympus, and other SmartDisk FlashPath SmartMedia camera vendors, the FlashPath provides easy access to the image files recorded on the SmartMedia wafers using your computer's 1.

When you insert the adapter into the floppy drive with a SmartMedia wafer installed in it, a micro-switch located at the leading edge of the FlashPath activates the built-in electronics which are powered by two nickel-sized batteries inside the adapterSmartDisk FlashPath SmartMedia the SmartMedia to be read by your computer. It's important to note that the picture displayed on the right shows the SmartMedia wafer inserted incorrectly, with its contacts facing up for photographic purposes only. During normal use, the contacts of the SmartMedia should be facing toward the underside of the adapter. Fortunately, you can go to the SmartDisk Corporation website and download the current versions of the drivers for either the Mac or Windows SmartDisk FlashPath SmartMedia, supporting Windows 3.

It's a good idea to check the download page from time to time and make sure you have the latest version for your system.


The Macintosh version of the driver software requires a PowerPC-based Macintosh or compatible running at least System 7. Mac models that use the or earlier aren't supported. Note, too, that although 16MB and SmartDisk FlashPath SmartMedia SmartMedia is now supported, not all digital cameras can use these higher capacities at this time.

Check with your owner's manual or contact your camera's manufacturer if you have any questions whether these SmartDisk FlashPath SmartMedia are supported. Some vendors, notably Olympusare offering firmware upgrades for some models at a nominal fee.

FlashPath floppy drive adapter by SmartDisk +8MB SmartMedia card + new battery eBay

If you already own an older FlashPathyou can download the current drivers which will support SmartMedia up to 32MB! Preparing The FlashPath Adapter Getting the adapter ready for use was a snap; you only need to open the two battery compartments and install two nickel-sized CR batteries included with SmartDisk FlashPath SmartMedia adapter. Then you simply insert the SmartMedia wafer into the side of the adapter, making sure that the electrical contacts side of the SmartMedia faces toward the underside of the adapter. That's all there is to it!

If you are using Mac OS 8. Note that after you turn off PC Exchange, it is not necessary to restart the Mac before proceeding.


Even though notes on the FlashPath driver download site and in the documentation included with the SmartDisk FlashPath SmartMedia indicate that Mac OS 8. This seemed to be a little non-intuitive to me; I would have expected the FlashPath utility to go directly into the download mode immediately after FlashPath was launched, rather than taking a two-step approach.


After selecting the "Import from FlashPath " option from the File menu, a small Dialog appears on the screen instructing you insert the FlashPath adapter. Unfortunately, there is no preview mode in this Dialog SmartDisk FlashPath SmartMedia, which would be helpful in selecting which file s the user wants to transfer to the Mac.

  • Smartdisk Flashpath Smartmedia adapter for floppy Free Driver Download
  • SmartDisk FlashPath Floppy Disk Adapter for SmartMedia

To transfer a second file, the user must again select the "Import from FlashPath " option from the File menu and repeat the process. Buy SmartDisk FlashPath Floppy Disk Adapter for SmartMedia: Memory Card Adapters - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. FlashPath (FlashPath Floppy Disk Adapter) were a series of devices produced by SmartDisk that allowed a variety of memory cards to be used in a " Floppy disk SmartDisk FlashPath SmartMedia. The initial version introduced in May allowed SmartMedia cards to be.

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