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Like most electronic equipment, your Motherboard may be damaged by electrostatic discharge. To avoid Soyo P4-4I 845PE damage to components ground yourself while working by using a grounding strap. Otherwise, ground yourself frequently by touching the unpainted portion of the computer chassis to drain the static charges.

Handle the Motherboard carefully, holding it by the edges. You are now ready to start the installation. Supports Smart Card insertion power-on feature.

Power on by modem or alarm If the system is in suspend Soyo P4-4I 845PE, it can be switched back on through the modem or RTC alarm through this function. This opens a lot of possibilities, such as remote access that switches the system on only after the modem receives a call. This makes sure that the user is full control of the system. Power Failure Resume Function This function can be set in the BIOS, and determines whether the system will automatically turn on again after a power failure. This function is indispensable for server systems that need to always be on line.

Pentium 4 motherboard with 3 isa slots - P4 ISA Motherboard

The Soyo P4-4I 845PE underlines the reliability of the, a motherboard to trust. Before handling the Motherboard, ground yourself by grasping an unpainted portion of the system's metal chassis. Remove the Motherboard from its anti-static packaging. Hold the Motherboard by the edges and avoid touching its components. Check the Motherboard for damage.


If any chip appears loose, press carefully to seat it firmly in its socket. Do not apply power if the Motherboard appears damaged. If there is damage to the board, contact your dealer immediately. Electrostatic discharge can easily damage the components. Note that you must take Soyo P4-4I 845PE precautions when handling the Motherboard in dry or air-conditioned environment.


To protect your equipment from electrostatic discharge, take the following precautions: Do not remove the anti-static packaging until you are ready to Soyo P4-4I 845PE. Ground yourself before removing any system component from its protective anti-static packaging. To ground yourself, grasp the expansion slot covers or other unpainted portions of the computer chassis. Frequently ground yourself while working or use a grounding strap. Handle the Motherboard by its edges and avoid touching its components. You are about to install and connect your new Motherboard.

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Do not unpack the Motherboard from its protective anti-static packaging until you have made the following preparations. Socket mpga processor with built-in CPU cooling fan. Soyo P4-4I 845PE case and chassis with adequate power supply unit Watt 4.

Pointing Device mouse 7. Printer, and Modem- optional 9.

Please follow the step-by-step procedure designed to lead you to a complete Soyo P4-4I 845PE correct installation. Step4- Connect cables, case wires, and power supply. Step6- Install supporting software tools. See Chapter Soyo P4-4I 845PE for more info. Turn off the power to the Motherboard, system chassis, and peripheral devices before performing any work on the Motherboard or system. To mount the Pentium 4 Socket mpga processor that you have purchased separately, follow these instructions. Lift the socket handle up to a vertical position. Align the blunt edge of the CPU with the matching pinhole distinctive edge on the socket.

Seat the processor in the socket completely and without forcing. Then close the socket handle to secure the CPU in place.

SOYO SY-P4I845PE ISA - motherboard - ATX - Socket 478 - i845PE Series

The fan is a key component that will ensure system stability. The fan prevents overheating, therefore prolonging the life of your CPU.


Mount the fan on the processor according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Remember to connect the fan to the appropriate power source. The largest memory capacity possible is 2GB. In summation, the SOYO SY-P4I PE is another good example of an that's currently enabled in the Hz P4, this SOYO Soyo P4-4I 845PE appeal to. SOYO's New Intel® Pentium® 4 Based ISA Motherboard Embraced By Computer Telephony System Builders.

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