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With Adapter Fan Size: Two 80mm, Noise Level fan-only: The front of the DiskStation is plastic with seven indicator lights and a power button. While it does have a rather humble appearance the body is very durable and constructed of very sturdy components. The front plastic panel feels solid with no creaks or flexing when carrying the system. The main body panel that covers the drive assembly is a heavy-gauge steel panel that is held in place with four thumbscrews from the back side. The rear panel Synology DS410j NAS also metal, with a built-in hinge that folds down to access the internal drives. As far as build quality goes you might even be able to go as far as standing on it without the thing Synology DS410j NAS much worse for wear.

Noise is not a problem for the DSj when it comes to vibration or fan noise. Synology included four soft rubber feet on the bottom of the unit to help Synology DS410j NAS hard drive noise from surrounding objects. The two 80mm fans to an excellent job of keeping the hard drives cool most drives stayed between C as indicated by internal sensors and doing it without being noticed. The 80mm fans operated at a very slow and quiet speed, keeping a steady breeze flowing through the unit without being heard standing three feet away in a quiet room. At one point in the review we did manage to get a weird vibration in the body of the server but it turned out to be our fault with one of the fan power wires being Synology DS410j NAS near the hinge causing the unit to not close entirely.

To access the internals you simply remove the four thumbscrews on the rear of the chassis which hold on the cover. With the screws removed you can simply lift the cover off and pop down the rear panel which is on a hinge to access the drive bays.

Synology Disk Station DSj - NAS server - 0 GB Overview - CNET

Synology includes a full supply of hardware with each DiskStation model allowing the end-user to install any configuration of drives that the unit supports. In our case the box included four drive-trays which support 2. The included trays are dual-purpose with screw holes for 2. Synology DS410j NAS NAS units support this with external drive-bays, including some more expensive Synology business models. That type of operation will be few and Synology DS410j NAS between.

Setup Out of the box the Synology is a server without any software. The DiskStation DSj uses the storage drives for the operating system, with a RAID1 array spanning each drive in the unit regardless of individual volume setup. This is different from other systems, like Windows Home Server, which Synology DS410j NAS use the primary drive for the operating system.

Synology DS410j NAS benefit is any drive except one can be removed and the system will still turn on with all settings retained. To get the NAS running initially you simply install the drives you want to use and turn the system on. Synology includes management software that you can install run from a system on the same network that allows you to see the status of available Synology servers and remotely install the operating system.

Synology DSj NAS Station Introduction & Specification Storage OC3D Review

In this review we used the latest DSM software, version 2. The first stage of the initial setup is primarily for naming the DiskStation, setting your admin password and loading Synology DS410j NAS the operating system.


Once the system is up and running the next step in the process is telling the Synology how you want your drives configured. The list below shows all the different modes it will support: The main draw to the Synology DiskStation units is how incredibly easy they are to setup, manage, and just forget about in the background. Since the entire operating system is replaced in one fell swoop you only have to put up with one reboot and you are finished. The software Synology DS410j NAS is also very modern, exploding with an AJAX interface and organized in a way that even the most basic of users will understand.

A volume Creation Wizard pops up that guides you through the automated process of making a volume.

Synology DiskStation DS410j Review

Standard is used for automatically generating the best array given the drives currently in the system. It puts a priority on parity so your information is safe in the event of a single drive failure. In this Synology DS410j NAS we have three 2TB drives and a single 1TB drive. Using the standard easy method the drives combine to make a volume with a 4. If we go the custom route and try to Synology DS410j NAS a RAID5 array spanning all of the drives, we get a total capacity of 2.

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Once that is done you drop out of the wizard and watch the status screen to see when Synology DS410j NAS volume is up and running. Benchmarks For our performance benchmarks we Synology DS410j NAS to the Synology DiskStation using a standard Samba file sharing protocol as well as iSCSI to directly interface with the arrays on a block level. As you can see in the chart outlined below, speed declined as more drives were added to the RAID array. Block-level iSCSI had slower read speeds than the matching Samba configuration, but offered greater write speeds. The fastest performance in both modes was rendered by using a single drive without any redundancy. In all of our tests the processor was pegged with processes surrounding the file transfer, meaning the speeds were CPU-limited.

As you move up the scale with the Synology servers the amount of RAM goes up considerably. The business oriented DS offers a faster 1. In our 2MB random transfer test with IOMeter the same pattern emerged with the performance slowly declining as more drives were added to the mix.

Synology Disk Station DS410j - NAS server - 0 GB

Just like the 2MB sequential transfer test the Synology DS410j NAS connection offered the fastest write speeds while the Samba interface had the highest read speeds. Cloud Station Drive is an application designed to synchronize files between your Synology NAS and PCs via the Internet, ensuring that your data is always. Budget-friendly 4-bay NAS server for Home and Small Business.


Synology Disk Station DSj is designed to provide a cost-effective file storage and backup.

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