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Can this Toshiba rely on its touchscreen advantage to make it a worthwhile purchase over competing and similarly priced IdeaPad Z, Dell Vostro, or Acer Aspire models? Case The chassis of the PT is similar in build and appearance to its Both the looks and texture of the notebook are unlike Toshiba Satellite P845 Atheros Bluetooth other Satellite models as there is no ultra-smooth or Toshiba Satellite P845 Atheros Bluetooth sheen on the surfaces outside of the inner glossy display. Instead, the silver surfaces of the case are textured with small bumps that diffuse glare, reduce fingerprints and give it a more affable style than the usual cookie-cutter budget cases.

As another advantage over competing notebooks in this price range, the PT uses a full-body aluminum case.

This certainly makes it handle better than most IdeaPad notebooks where the thin plastic can sometimes feel very obvious, though the case is not perfect either. While the palm rests, edges, and corners feel thick, both the lid and center of the keyboard lack rigidity and can be easily depressed with a push from a finger. A small gap between the left palm rest and the optical drive directly beneath it does exist, though this has no negative repercussions on the durability of the case. The display is fortunately protected with edge-to-edge glass to handle constant inputs and shows Toshiba Satellite P845 Atheros Bluetooth sign of weak or heavily bendable areas.

Similarly, its thickness of 29 mm is thinner than the Asus mentioned above, yet noticeably thicker than the Acer, Sony, and Lenovo models. Ultrabooks, of course, can be much lighter and thinner at the expense of additional connectivity options and ease of end-user serviceability. Aside from the glass-protected screen and aluminum build, the dimensions of the PT are quite standard and certainly not as sleek as the thinner IdeaPad U or Aspire M3.

Toshiba Satellite P845-S4200 Atheros Bluetooth Filter Package driver download free (ver. 1.­0.­13)

The model also offers only USB 3. Unfortunately for right-handed users, the video-out and audio ports are located closer to the front of the right-hand edge and can potentially take up valuable desk space if used often.

Cables, especially the thick HDMI and VGA cables, will more likely entangle in front of the user instead of on the rear of the notebook. Left-handed users are more in luck as the Ethernet and 2x USB 3.


We ran into no connectivity or unexpected dropout issues during our time with the PT. Accessories No accessories are included with the PT aside from the usual AC adapter and small quick start guides.

There are no dedicated accessories as well due to the lack of any dedicated docking ports or connections. Warranty The standard one-year parts, labor, and battery warranty applies here with a day limited warranty. Buyers can extend to five-years of coverage total with the usual options for accidental damage and on-site services. Registering the hardware will also net users notifications on system updates and other specific promotions. Input Devices Keyboard The non-backlit Chiclet keyboard is of ample size 30 cm x Some keys do seem a hair smaller than what we are used to from other notebooks as a result, especially the Home, PgUp, and PgDn column of keys on Toshiba Satellite P845 Atheros Bluetooth right end.

Typing produces very little clatter and noise, but both the travel and feedback are awfully soft and unsatisfactory. Keys feel very mushy, even the Space key, and may suffer from missed hit keys from time to time.

Download Toshiba Satellite PT Atheros Bluetooth Driver for Windows 7 64 bit

Find the Atheros Bluetooth Drivers for Windows 7? With Toshiba Satellite P845 Atheros Bluetooth drivers, you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions related to finding, installing and troubleshooting Windows 7 drivers on your Atheros Bluetooth. Bluetooth drivers are essential to computers, without bluetooth drivers computers won't connect to other devices via bluetooth.

Here are some common problems about bluetooth drivers. The phone can't connect the bluetooth! The Phone told me that Can't Find the Bluetooth!

How to connect bluetooth on smartphone! First make sure that the Bluetooth service is turned on! Then use the Bluetooth settings to enable "Visibility" or "Discoverable" mode. Check the device for Bluetooth compatibility. Restart your phone and your other Bluetooth device. Most users said that they can't install the bluetooth drivers.


It always said must enable device to install. The bluetooth driver installation problem is easy to fix! First uninstall the actual bluetooth drivers! Free Download Toshiba Satellite P Atheros Bluetooth Driver for Toshiba Satellite P845 Atheros Bluetooth 8 bit (Bluetooth). The package provides the installation files for Toshiba Satellite PT Atheros Bluetooth Filter Driver Package. This driver is needed to enable.

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