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The sound of ring is strange when V. Can't initiate RDL with other vendor modem. Async none error control mode: ZyXEL U-336R LED is not light when modem transmits data. Use DTMF generation function will let modem hang. Use Russian CallerID function will let modem hang. Added new features In this case, dial backup will not work. In sync mode, drop the connection and then change "data format" to async, the connection speed is still bps.

You have to drop line again and then the connection speed will be back bps again. Set s18 equal to ZyXEL U-336R invalid value, the modem will hang. It would appear some garbage after connection in sync or SD mode. If you initial remote configuration for the second times, the modem will hang. And it will cause the throughput low. When two modems connected at 4-wire leased line with dial backup enabled, if the answer modem power on without connection at leased line, it can't detect ring.


It displays the wrong word. If you dial a pulse dial from the attached phone ,sometimes the modem will false alarm to ring. US will not show "System testing" at initialization. The modem will auto answer after first ring ZyXEL U-336R if s0 is not equal to 0. The modem will produce some garbage at sync mode when the modem rings. Issue "CIC" command will let s0 equal to 2. It will not handshake again after line drop at synchronous leased line mode. Sometimes the modem will not mute after connection.


The ZyXEL U-336R management from US to UR via 2nd channel. If you transfer file and change the UR's settings from US at the same time.

ZyXEL UR Support and Manuals

If you don't transfer file, it works fine. The line status report ZyXEL U-336R local is not different from the report of remote NMS system. Reset from profile to dialup line mode from rack controller at leased line mode, it would fail to detect ring.

ZyXEL U-336R It would get some problem when US manage US for the second time. The remote management via second channel with Sync mode. When you set global slot and reset profile to factory default from controller. It would spend about 8 secs to complete global settings. Can't ZyXEL U-336R the value of S3-register from ZyView or Rack controller. When you reset profile in US.

The "remote Id" will eliminate and you must assign again. Fax releated bugs fixed: Issue ATD after ZyXEL U-336R will respond error in some country. Improve the compatibility with Fax machine. The modem can't quickly abort after issue "ATD" command.

Zyxel Support Center

ALB ST will abort if the temperature is too high. Sometimes the modem will reset at high DTE speed and Low connection rate. Switch leased line to DL from Rack controller, the modem can't detect ring. Can't connect bps speed. It will appear ZyXEL U-336R garbage right after connection at none-error control mode. When remote side ZyXEL U-336R the phone quickly, it can't connect. Same as above in Type II. Can't send fax by using class 2 command.

Zyxel Support Center ZyXEL

Can't send file when DCE speed is greater than bps and DCE speed is lower than bps in async error control mode. Added eight non-changeable profiles Zyxel U R - fax / modem overview and full product specs on CNET. ZyXEL ZyXEL U-336R Corp.

edited by Manfred Recla September 29, Release Note on ZyXEL's "G3" Modem series (= UR/RE, UE/S) Version.

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